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Everything posted by reptar

  1. deuscher :clown2: :five-o: :yuck:
  2. lewis knows what time it is. gs mb twice!
  3. lewis knows what time it is. gs mb twice!
  4. about 15% of that was actually worth looking at
  5. gs seaz and colt take the post you fuckin bone heads
  6. this post just made me hate graffiti a little more than i already did:)
  7. what up with the crnizzzle
  8. reptar


    uprock my cock you cum gargler
  9. reptar


    BUMP MY HOMETEAM!!!!! M.P.5.T.H.EMPIRE2005 :king: Quoted post [/b] thats really cool how he strategically placed his write ups over the numbers :rolleyes:
  10. fuck train buffers...
  11. are all tbox's first 3 numbers 666? question of the day
  12. bumpskeez 4 the owl penis :haha: uh, huh huh ... you said owl penis
  13. FTRA!!! the crew whos REALLY runnin shit :hatred:
  14. reptar


    R.I.P Sevon i never had the opportunity to meet sevon but he did influence me and my crew mates when we first started writing. he bombed hard in the 954 area, and was one of the first names i recall seeing up. rest in power thanks to lay-lo for the flick.
  15. reptar


    graffiti is dying :( :yuck: :shook:
  16. reptar


    did u guys give those nasty bitches money shots on em b4 u did those attempts at graffiti or after? and also, do these sluts know the fame there getting from a bunch of turd burglars like you?
  17. why would you spend so much time on a peice and know that nobodys gonna be able to read that shit even if it was layed up and you flicked it. hey whatever floats your boat, just isnt 2 smart to parlay in that shit for 4 hours.. especially where dude is comin from.
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