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  1. grimey goto nicks tonight. its popping.
  2. lol kid. i wasnt trying to say im sad because my names not in your little sketches man.my message was directed towards lifer. he started IM but i got it up. thats all...your a little jumpy latly eh?.haha cool your spool kid. i know you dont like me and thats all good, but please dont get cocky with me..
  3. Actually.....its not pronounced "nawlins"....maybe if your tourist...or a coon-ass from south or north louisiana...but in the city were gangstas:king: so we just say it kinda like this ... "noo orlens"...just thought id let you know...and whos coming down here again..? and for what? if your coming for the graffiti scene ..there is none. Mardi gras is in feb... peace.:D
  4. yeah well i got IM up.WHAT!?:king: lifer i got a chill wall to paint niccer..call me today,im off of work.
  5. What kind of markers or paint did you use for this home-boy?. shits fresh.
  6. Good decision young man. Funky fresh shit is much better. get funk with it .
  7. still a little bit choppy looking but what can ya do.. :D
  8. http://img12.photobucket.com/albums/v36/repleter/100_1160.jpg'> maybe this is better.....
  9. sorry bout the shitty qaulity of that funkiness.
  10. He's a Monsta! http://img12.photobucket.com/albums/v36/repleter/100_1155.jpg'> keep working on steeziness ase 132. get up.
  11. hahahaha , little asert getting jiggy with it again! and for the fumes homie...breathe them in,there good for you.ask lifer about fumes in mesms room..get krunk.:dazed:
  12. hahaha. look at little asert trying to get some.:D
  13. That secn is fresh as fuck. What are you talking about. ..Id love seeing that on a wall in my hood..shits gangster sir secn. there all fresh...but that secn is just evil good. props.
  14. nothing special.got bored of drawing so i didnt fill in cloudshttp://img12.photobucket.com/albums/v36/repleter/100_1041.jpg'> get up ase132.:idea:
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