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  1. http://monkey.zombie-j.com/zombie-j/users/sirmarkis/pics/dope1.JPG'> I did this last night. I told you, you could paint Sir. It's three letters and two of them appear in your name. And Suburban, ha ha ha ha..
  2. And if this niggah (Mikro) wants to battle. I'm all down. IT's been awhile since i've emabrassed a writer. The weekends coming up and time to paint. Rules of the battle: I paint his name, he paints mine. None of this sketch shit I saw in the battle thread. IF we're gonna do this, let's do it proper. Yea, i'm callin your talent out Mikro. I'll ven keep my shit simple for you. You do Sir" and i'll do "Mikro." You down, fool? Freight or wall, your choice.
  3. I could care less if he kills PGH. He would come here and get stommed talkin as much shit as he does. He started this whole fiasco with his eliteism and it was n't warranted. I can take cristism, but to say my shit is just wack, he needs to pen his eyes. Grant it, that sketch may not be the best but to come at me the way he did was uncalled for and immature. I respect the fact that he burns his city. I know the work to have that done and I don't claim to be"King" as you put it but I know my skills and they far exceed his.
  4. http://monkey.zombie-j.com/zombie-j/users/sirmarkis/pics/dope1.JPG'> "SIR" I can't paint. I don't know what I was thinking.
  5. http://www.seemesmile.com/photos4/2664473a.jpg'> Your fill in on this looks like it came directly out of the 80's. Early 80's for that matter but then again, so do your letters so if you're going for the retro theme, you got it. And that 17 year old in that pic is my nephew who is learning how to paint from one of my outlines. Hence the reason I took it down All I got left to say to you is if I walked up to a wall to paint, yours would be the first one to get the roller. I wouldn't even think twice about it. You give yourself way too much credit. If you get locked up for graff, you should get extra time for this wack shit you're you're putting up. And your ego, well, you'll learn the hard way I suppose.
  6. "as far as my can control.... whatever dude , id rather have shit can control , than weak letters" Have you looked at your letters?? I'll show you.. What's that tnig in the middle? Is that a "K?" You started this whole fiasco, bro. Not me. Tonight, i'll draw an outline of your name so you can practice. Shit, you can even copy it if you want. FYI, i'm a 100% Polish myself.
  7. No, I had the Wize piece in the bottom right. You couldn't see it that well. The top was a memorial piece for my homegirl who had passed away (Crystal).
  8. edited to wait until I get home.
  9. I can tell you can control needs a bit of improvement just from your pics. Maybe I can give you a class? I wouldn't be to proud of thos pics, man. I dig the style, but you really need to refine it. I'm at work. I'll upload some of my pics for you so you can learn how the paint a straight line.
  10. ha ha....I've been painting before you even started puberty. That's nothing compared to what i'm capable of. Maybe i'll fly to your town and embarass you on a wall. Or at least cross out half your shit.
  11. http://monkey.zombie-j.com/zombie-j/users/sirmarkis/pics/Eryn.jpg'> a little unfinsihed business for my homegirl Eryn.
  12. SirMarkis


    cross posted in "ball point pen" thread.
  13. SirMarkis


    The battery in the camera died so that's the last flick I got. I went back the next day and it was already covered plus, the finished piece wasn't much to brag about. I have another one in the works that will burn longer than 24 hours.
  14. SirMarkis


    I agree about the 3d but like I said, it was sketched at 7am to be painted at 9am so I didn't have time to perfect the outline and as far as style, well, that's matter of opinion but I appreciate the feedback.
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