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  1. sure but you being australian did not dispute when yg blood made a sweeping statment about australians in general, do you not have any friends in australia? do you not think they would like to be stood up for againsts such a wak generalisation? instead of sticking up for your own country you seemed to say 'most aussies are shit but im ok' that is very despicable. there is nothing i hate more than weak 'yes men' like behaviour. I sugest you question your role as an australian , if you would rather lick other countrys balls, please leave becuase we dont need children liek you!
  2. ahh sorry no im not going to eat your shit feel free to nibble on some of mine if you would like.
  3. what the fuck is that meant to mean? where do you get the nerve to pass judgment on an entire continent of people?
  4. that sounds suspiciouly unpatriotic son. Im guessing that you are spending too much time on the internet trying to be american, this seems the only logical reason for not putting in a good word for your fellow australians. sell out!
  5. amen to that I have seen a makros outline in paper chase and it was bad. I think alot of people in chanel zero forget this is a 'graffiti' message board. If your shit at graff then you get no props, reguardless of how much time you waste on the internet posting bulshit irellevant photos.
  6. who is this zee zee you speak of?
  7. @ the moment im diggin: sixteenarmedjack hard afro kemet crew greensleeves and then the classics: Hype Kenny Ken Top cat Congo natty Beanie man Dj rap and the list goes on, I think you need to narrow down what sound you like and want to produce. There is a hellova lot of DnB out there. As you can see Im more into the older not so slick and over produced sound. I got about 15 gig of DnB n Jungle Tunes though and I know alittle about producing feel free to leave your Slsk ID and we can talk more about it.
  8. I could probly help you out with that babe.
  9. OzzieBattluh

    Alphabattle E

    looks like a c or an a or a lower case d, there is no e in that!
  10. you have probly fucked the nerve, i did that once i fell asleep in an awkward position and woke up with the hardcore pins and needles in one leg, it didnt go away for a few hours and was really frustrating. then the next day there was a hug numb patch on my leg, like half of it, i went to the doctor eventually and he said i must have broken the nerve but not too worry beucause it would grow back in a month or 2. so tahts my story.
  11. I would definatly say Krie, as I would love to know what it feel like to be a homosexual for a day, I imagine it would be such an exiting affair.
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