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  1. Wassup One Zero Eighter? Apologies for double posts. </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p>
  2. Hit the flow </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p>
  3. Whoa... Shityeah! I remember. Those 3 dudes from 3F rolled up. I hit one of 'em with a metal pole and bounced! Haven't seen you since, I thought they pulled a Jefrey Damer on ya!
  4. Re: DRIPPY 594 </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p>
  5. Whoop! </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p>
  6. Fuck, Never got to say Goodbye. </p> </p> The last time I saw Bill Soper was on Mission St. about 5 years ago. He was busting what appeared to be an illegal piece. A full on piece, background and all on a roll down gate. It was dusk. I walked up said "Whuttup" shook hands and joked about his 'legal wall'. He was evasive about it and in a big hurry to finish. I think it got buffed like 4 days later. We were not good friends. But we drank together. Argued about graffiti and even painted in a pit together. History found us not in the same crew anymore and
  7. Remembrance of things past Cheesy bathroom tags and 'dope styles' are all part of our history. They both influence us. Many 'dope styles' from well publicized writers are contrived and over done. As a Bay Area local I relish the shitty tag on a bus, van or wall, simply for the act of vandalism. Every time someone writes on something they say "Fuck your property, I am here". This thread is about the vandals, good and bad that we all love or love to hate.
  8. Bitch, Bitch </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p>
  9. Dream One </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p>
  10. Posted </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p>
  11. And again. </p> </p> </p> </p>
  12. Talkin' about history. </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p> </p>
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