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  1. You know...it's ok to respect women, its doesn't make you "less hard" It's like everyone's pissing on girls and soon everyone will be posting pictures of their cocks.. Now since evryone's so bored, you probly all have really cool shit to say in response and probly WILL post flics of your cocks.
  2. I wasn't talking about BTM first of all, and the fact that they got hated on back in the day just goes to show history repeats itself ...and your right that respect is better earned.......I don't paint cracks in my shit, I AM lazy, and I wasn't even talking about my fucking self
  3. There's plenty of people killin' it on the streets who arent hitting up b-books or free walls and you all know it, and they don't get enough respect...cause you all band wagon which shows your insecurity....
  4. word!!! PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSAAAAA stop RE-posting your old 3A fics, your crew is dead, and we all hope you get locked up again and your a philistine!!!!!! Oh...and bump3A!!!!
  5. what's up computer nerds...stick your computer up your ass I love beef on the streets, drink camo XXX thats 9. crotchface...LUCKE D4B UBK rest in peace GROPES DZES all city bitch
  6. BUMP ONRE!!! and all the oly-tacoma heads... Bump LETGO, PHEN, ANTOSH,SUITE...all that shit down there looks hella clean, tight flics.
  7. is there another brick slayers thread for you guys in mini? I mean your a major city this cant be all right?
  8. yeah ok...but the last five flics were like in ouch's mom,s backyard.
  9. um...butt hurt a little? What the fuck you guys are pissed off cause an out of towner made you look bad.Giving syfer respect where its due is not dissing the locals.
  10. focus didnt own shit, he went to clubs house one time and did NOTHING! Im sick of fucking washed up thirty year old coke head fucking writers who get jealous and butthurt everytime someone younger gets theirs. Dont you guys like have kids and shit? LIKE BETTER FUCKING THINGS TO DO? Clubs didnt even do shit he went over focus' DISSED PIECE ON THE MAGNOLIA FREE WALL.
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