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  1. wait wait wait wait.... i had a brain fart or something while writting my last post. i meant to say that rape is worse than murder, not the other way round.... anyway, now i have radified it. i dont know why i did that. just bein stupid i guess. peace
  2. i totally agree that murder is worse than rape
  3. oh yo, i almost forgot, can someone PLEASE link me to the penut butter-jelly time thing. i lost my link. tear.
  4. yo maya, just got back in town and checked your thread. i like that new piece, but i would get rid or the arrow, or cut it off before the edge and maybe make it smaller. anyway, its pretty sweet. ekos, your stuff is chill too, but just fyi, there was a dude in dc named ecos, but hell you could prolly rock him in a battle, so its all yours. ps-as soon as i get some alone time with that scanner at school ill be puttin up a paper chase thread...
  5. hey, thanks sweetcherry, but i still think yours are better. i agree with what ciste said. the best shit ive done comes when i dont really sit down to draw, i just sort of start doing it. so dont think about it, just let your hand move, and you'll start to come up with your own style. keep it up
  6. wow, i really like the third one (damn you and your natural talent...). yeah, id give it a background or forcefield or something, though it does look good on its own too. nice job
  7. yeah, the sizing thing is anoying, as is just plain posting pictures...oh well. im lazy, plus, those of you who have seen my wack pieces know why im not postin em....
  8. im tellin you all, cunnin lynguists, and for a good laugh, mc hawking. sooo offensive though, if you know whats going on...
  9. yeah, i piece in class too. my english teacher once asked me to see what i was drawing, saw i was piecing, said he liked it and kept on teachin. my teachers are chill... hell, i even convinced an art teacher to let me get credit next year for doin work on my black book. sweeeet.
  10. im not sayin that to be nice! hehe. next time you are on aim, ill send you some sketches i just scanned. your first pieces are better than shit im doing now, much less my first trash-ass pieces.
  11. i like em. my first piece is such shit compared to this. i especially like the first one. good job. keep up the writting. peace.
  12. "more and more of our imports are comming from overseas." also check out the quote at the begining of 'dying nations' by cunnin lynguists and oh yeah: fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity. bush, you are a moron and an asshole.
  13. true that joker. seperation of church and state all the way. plus the gov just needs to get out of peoples' private lives. did you know in virginia anything other than missionary is illegal? that includes oral sex! anyway, yeah, dont infringe on any kind of love. LET LOVE RULE. peace guys. good thread
  14. better than any of those seven: cunnin lynguists, and 2 skinnee js (although you might not consider all of their stuff hip hop, so allow me to point out the songs Horns of Destruction and Big Beat Evangelists).
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