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  1. not much goin on in san diego??? we need more postin. anything new yet dust? :confused: :(
  2. the victor...... DUST need i say anything else, gj to both but dusts piece is phat keep up the good work 619 :king:
  3. nice dust i like that last piece, stain's piece is phat too and i like the colorz.zone your piece is real dope keep up the good work as well as to every1 else and keep postin. ill try to get sumthin up soon im in the works and just started writin a couple weeks ago 619
  4. pretty sick dust, could have better color tho, i like it cuz its more basic good job keep it up 619
  5. can we have more peices and less talking? :confused: anyways keep up the good work dust your a homie, keep postin 619
  6. damn also u got sum dope shit, hey dust the last peice by stain is real sick keep postin im lookin forward to more 619
  7. good stuff dust i agree about the color tho, get sum brighter maybe and make it flow better otherwise good stuff, keep postin 619
  8. im feelin the last peice gj every1 dust post sum of your shit i wanan see sum more keep postin 619
  9. yo, sum uv the peices r pretty sick but i aint really feelin the one wit the character in the right side anbd the one below it, the 3d seems a lil wak but otherwise i think they aight keep postin and keep up the good work 619
  10. damn nice shit izzewst, that shit is hard. hey sqeels if all the shit in here so bad then lets see sum uv your shit. if u got sumthin good then aight but if u jsut gona run ya mouth and hate then shut up. 619 peace
  11. i dont know much ta say bout the piece cuz its sick, but ya might wanna make the letter form more even across and maybe make it more simple. the spike thigns r kinda wak. u could also put a sik sheild round it too, otha then that its sick peace
  12. damn this is the best shit ive seen, all the shit done is fukkin dope. keep up all the good workin and post more peace
  13. yo dust, u got sum sick shit. the 3d is comin along better and your style is fukkin dope.good use of colorz too. the last one is fukkin sick keep up good work 619 im out
  14. a lot of dope azz peices in here keep up all tha good work guys Ap@C ur peice is sick as fukk gj peace
  15. dope shit, keep up tha good work i like yo style peace
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