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  1. tease got niggas on lockdown willing to kill for him...
  2. yeh, love that record. though you did kind of miss the boat by a year (if your counting up scenester cred...) wouldn't call him mash up though, dude is way beyond that tired shit. i can't imagine being able to process beats the way this kid does! his catalogue is amazing too!
  3. it's ok to be gay y'know. if you stop hating yourself and let other people in, you may find the world to be a beautiful place with many beautiful things.
  4. s'all in good fun. i get really sick of talking about nothing but gangsta rap all the time...
  5. yeah, meddle is my fave! fearless just kills me every time...the gilmour thing is personal. don't really like the fact that he continued the floyd after waters left. i understand it if a member dies, ala the who (which i don't necessarily agree with either...), but sometimes it's best to just walk away. seriously, i'm talking out my ass. i don't know what it's like to be in one of the greatest bands of all time, don't know what it's like to be a musician in said band and walk away and try and do something solo and be taken seriously. really i just wanted to stir up some good ol' rocknroll talk, suss out the fans, y'know.
  6. don't think you could say the old stuff pales to the new, two completely different influences, two completely different time periods (60s psyc to 70s isolationist...). what syd did was just as groundbreaking and his influence is so noticeable that it's hard to see the good when it influenced so much british/american crap...
  7. you're right, i'm an idiot because i can, from a critical standpoint, say the wall is crap. quite frankly, it's nothing more than a culmination of ideas long established by a band that had pushed the envelope long before the conception of your favorite record! nowhere in my post did i say the floyd was crap now did i? and really, what do you know about them, mate? if you've truely digested their catalog i think you'd agree that their time was long up before waters burned out. anyway, they're virtually flawless from piper at the gates... to darkside.
  8. other than it's shit? i dunno... where's your proof that it's good? it's just mental masturbation. too many stoners praising it doesn't help its reputation either!
  9. only album for high school potheads is the wall! that piece of shit should fall off the planet...david gilmour so fucked the floyd!
  10. pretty funny stuff. psychologically it's right on point, the ol' if everyone was jumping off a bridge... kids have to make their own decisions, these commercials rarely help, they just get chatted about. shit, the chick throwing the cast iron skillet around the kitchen was pretty intense, but it didn't stop me from doing what i had to do.
  11. not american, british i believe. released off the warp label in the late 90s early 00s.
  12. oh, sorry, that was for caligula. get that record, seriously good!
  13. it's a song by royksopp. the track is called 'remind me' off their album 'melody a.m.'
  14. oh yeah the point was to check when the shit hits the fan/sunset blvd. off of 'a wizard a true star'. some of the best 'wall of sound' production from 70s LA.
  15. holy crap, for todd rundgren fans, check this out: the nazz from 1969!
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