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  1. Lucky and Wild is raw... but I still like silent scope...
  2. "WHOOOAAAAAAHHHHH!"... wanna sound like metallica? Make the last syllable of the last word you say connect with ahh..."GIMME FEUL GIMME FIRE GIMME THAT WHICHE I DESIRE----AHH!"
  3. yeah...I was jokin' man...but that becuase it happens so much these days. For example..Ludacris being pulled from Pepsi commercials due to lyrics..and all sorts of things. Gun, or any word similiar being censored in every song. Its retarded. If Kids really did this becuase of the music...then why the fuck didn't everyone kill everyone else after metallica released "Kill'Em All"? I feel you on the music shit man..f'real.
  4. ..This is a pure boredom killer to those who have no-idea what it is. This is Strongbad's Email and I suggest scrolling down to the bottom..and watching your way up. Suggested viewing: Dragon, Japanese Cartoon, Monster Truck, Teen Girl Squad.. My...weak contribution to channel 0
  5. Damn Real...I started up on that..then just..stopped and said "Fuck this hard ass game..I'll go challenge 3 year olds to a dunk contest on a 7 foot rim....That'll be alot more fun"... And I did... Now you know, and knowing is half the battle. Yo JOE!
  6. "Cosplay" Sub-culture..Been there..seen that. I'd hit her tho'....after knocking out "Mega-Man" with a wrench.. Everyone knows that bitch from "To-Heart" wants nothin' to do with good ole "Plasma Gun-Arm" Fag-boy there. ....Swords are cooler anyway... Hack and Slash Nukka What!?
  7. Dude...Its all about Altoids, Vodka And Red-Bull... Fuck wings, this shit gives you the whole fuckin' airplane.. HOLLA!
  8. Super Double Dragon owns... But when it comes down to it...Contra still kills everything..right up until the alien boss at the end. Lazerbeam Nukka!
  9. Metal Slug is tight...but most 2D games are. I like Metal Slug..but..its all about King of the Fighters... King of the Fighters, Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, ...2d graphics still kill 3D graphics for fighting games.. Sonic Boom Nukka!
  10. James also has the "AHH!" thing goin'...like in the memory remains..when hes like "The MEMORIE REMAINSSSSAH!"... but yeah..Old metallic=Good New Metallica=BOOO! Slayer=m// m// Killin' everything.. Master of the puppets and hes pulling the strings..
  11. Re: these are the bomb aint thay?? theres nothin' wrong with this peice...location is a bit sketchy lookin' tho'...
  12. The question is..are they oldschool D&D style broadswords? or were these kids packin' the oldschool Samurai Special 88's? They lose all cool points for broad swords... These kids were ready to get straight grimey...Someone cut their supply of that evil music. Its the music's fault. Damn that depressing type-o negative. haha..
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