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  1. that couch is actually part one of training to become a bull, you have to sit there until your posse catches someone. I think that guy is still sittin there.......
  2. what up, verbal-- nice couch pick eh, i forgot about that, funny shiz up in the f2 thread, check out that last reply. get in touch with me, i dont have your # by the way, that the reas bite till its not fun anymore and the toy euro shit. off the hook fool. thats some stand up right there.
  3. Witzoe

    F2 Boys

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ that about says it.... toy, needs to learn letters ( common ones ), blur pictures, sloppy pieces, stick with the trends, yada yada yada... ya, it sums up a lot, but getting out there, risking your butt to put up work, appears to be gratifying. the fact is its up. and as far as flicks go, 1/4 of what you paint is what you catch. And its nice to see some defensive remarks, normally, it means that chances are, youve walked past it or its rolled on by IN your face, regardless of what your all important perception may be. defensiveness spells insecurity. Futher more, it might have been nice to be a yard rat to come up, but it looks like these guys have been in full swing ever since. Different areas bring up different communities of writers, and ya, it will clash with your area, but then again, if you have to diss it to feel important, you can go to bed knowing that you made a difference you go getter you.... :love2:
  4. I heard that the picture was caught the day that couch was brought out there, stayed out there for a while too. great spot for benchin, and oh ya, i bet i can guess the lucky champ sittin there too. good times- --
  5. bump for that freaky lookin dude in the white gown.....elllliiiiioooooot
  6. funky fresh kai nein and big ups for surviving the barbs.
  7. position yo skae! im on some deep down in mexico shit, where the hell are you?
  8. contact YO SKAE. Call a brotha up, oh ya, a new revolution begins at the end of june stay tuned for details..... over
  9. YO SKAE!!! Finally got my flicks developed today, will be sending them today as well. peace!
  10. The bull Every fuckin time i see that guy, its like terminator 2, he is fuckin ruthless.
  11. bow tie pasta I didnt realize who that girl was in the bow tie until i noticed her hips, come on kai, you know what im talkin about, she was hot( the picture doesnt do her justice), just a little crazy, but isnt every girl you date like that ??? skae dog, fuck man, if i can ever get this next roll of fill killed i can send you a pack, its insane not being able to rock, im having withdrawls ( sooooo coold)..... I hope europes ready!!! BOOOO YYAAAAHHHH sucka!:king:
  12. find your camera? Or is kai better at trading flicks than i am? School is bustin my freakin balls over here. Oh and that booty remark? Im sure everyone is all torn up now...boo freakin hoo
  13. Witzoe


    dissed I believe that would peir from tbk, at least thats what i get, and that remark about the "im sad, and screaming with emotion", well that was just freakin hilarious!!! Thanks for the laughs!
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