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  1. nah man i live down south....but go school in the east i catch the train right round auckland so i get 2 see the sweet shows:D and all the sweet spots:p r u on msn...
  2. dems (demz) a.K.A.....(im amature) i luv your style man i just cant get enuf.. pang was showin me alot of your pieces its iLL:king: hu else is on that wall i still havent been up and close use do it in the day.......:D
  3. word tone i think americans r realising that the worldz catching up with ill shit.....calliing people biters is ther defense mekanism.. did u do that nice show in pamure.... near the krates cnt tell if its u wen im on the train :king: a blak and white baby..couple days old if it iz nice shit man:)
  4. gee kalis your cool...talkin tuff is cool aye..:lol: dnt be a hater we all do the same thing:D
  5. Nice thread Tone....your shits iLL. prps:D
  6. how do u kno hav u been here.....we try 2 get as original as posi... so stick it.:huh?:
  7. Mr president those pikz are NAZTEEE......:D
  8. dude these flix are iLL..:D
  9. hez not sayin therz anything wrong with them.....plasticote & dulux are the main canz people use here.....compared 2 the world....thev got so much variety. wer a dot....:lol:
  10. yea man your rite....i was on trax and had hedfonez on looked left and saw a big bright lite..:loopy2: :loopy2: it was crazy hugged the wall......:dazed: freaked..note{dnt hav your hedfonez on, on the trax}turn dem down
  11. these subways are bangin...in NZ we dnt really hav subways but if wer on the traks and get caught we get chased by trak vans...:( but yea man this underground shit is tite.....
  12. man askew your 1 killing mother fuker...your shit iz so unique itz mind boggaling how u put it 2getha mark the world... props 2 pang..:P that walls fat...NZ has killah writerz funny half the world dnt even kno wer it iz:D
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