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  1. Thanks Boogs... Glad you like em'. I can do more in a few weeks, right now I have too much shit going on.
  2. Thanks Boogs... I still haven't put anything up. Seems like everytime I have free time it fucking rains.
  3. It's been a while since I did any stickers but lately I've had the itch. Anyone want to trade? pm me.... ... Also some old street flicks here http://robotswillkill.com/graffiti/showgraff.php?page=0&artist_id=720
  4. yeah, drak got up alot, i'm sure you could walk around nashua now and still find a bunch of tags and throws....
  5. here's a few... ...a couple old drak pieces in milford (probably still there)
  6. wait, i just remembered....can control fucked me on a subscription! yo, i want my fuckin money back!!!!!!!!
  7. hell yeah buddy....i have some, i'll hook em up when i have time. untill then, thanks for bringing back some old memories
  8. that bushmills label makes me thirsty :clown2:
  9. is that that book those dudes from italy were making?
  10. here's some old nh flicks for all you youngsters to laugh at...i never claimed to be good, just up treat 92 serve by treat exit 2
  11. yo rwk, did you get that pack i sent you?
  12. hell yeah frost...we should trade again. hit up my email...maldito03057@yahoo.com
  13. i'm not sayin i don't like em...i just like the old ones better
  14. yo frost you down for another trade bro?
  15. hell yeah...designs kick ass,especialy the bullet tip ones. i love the old style prismas too
  16. what other medium will artists punch, beat, stab, or shoot each other over...i mean visual arts. not martial arts, or rappers
  17. try shakin them like you do with a ball point pen when it doesn't work.
  18. what the fuck? now kids are comming online asking for help picking a name...what the fuck?!?!?!
  19. yo starz above... those dolls are fresh bro. we should trad some more stickers, send me an email...maldito03057@yahoo.com. i've been too lazy for too long
  20. looks good orbit.i'm always down to trade...hit me up
  21. that faceless bob with the question mark is slick...i finaly got a good cam, but need a cable to plug it into my computer, in the mean time if anyone wants to trade hit up my email...maldito03057@yahoo.com
  22. my first canvas.... http://tattootreat.250free.com/canvas.jpg
  23. hell yeay, thats some sexy shit there frost, i'll have some soon. waiting on a decent cam, and making stickers...could always use some more stickers though
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