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  1. I put my name on all my pieces, but I tend to write different words depending on what's going on, or what I'm feeling at the time. My crew (POV) and I put up our first shared piece tonight, it was a big POV on a freight car. I've been known to write "zzz" when it's really late, I wanna do some "GET UP" pieces, to try and get people moving, etc, etc. I guess my deal is, I wanna express myself and motivate people, not just write my name a lot.
  2. Jonny5

    Spray safe!

    What kind? I've looked through this thread, and I can't find anything saying specific brand/model/whatever. Does anyone have a favourite mask? I'm not heading out again till I get at least a mask, probably snag some gloves while I'm at it, but I don't know what kind to look for. Any pointers? Thanks!
  3. Speaking as a Canadian writer... Welcome to the team man :) The scene where I'm at is pretty small & quiet, but there's some benefits to that. If I see a sick new piece, chances are I know who put it up, plus with the scene being pretty small, heat is nice & low. What area of Canada are you headed to?
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