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Everything posted by ToyKillin567

  1. hey man a friends bet me that friends won win, he bet a bowlpack and i wanna get that shit to smoke before i go to sleep.
  2. which is the better show? SIMPSONS!
  3. that dog was the shit r.i.p.
  4. this other time i was bein fuckin lazy and flushed a banana peel down my toilet cause i didnt wanna walk down the stairs to the trash
  5. it was pretty fuckin good, the story in my opinion, dont go nowhere fast but DONT WE ALL WATCH THE MATRIX WHEN WERE STONED FOR THE EFFECTS
  6. im pretty lazy basicailly the thing the laziest thing i do is piss out my window.
  7. theres been alot of shit about him, i heard he just left, i think spawn and blueprint sound the same, so maybe he just changed names
  8. any suggestions on what lp's, ep's, or 12''s to get?
  9. i will but i actually forgot how to post pics because i kno its not juss copy paste
  10. jessica alba is fine as fuckin hell
  11. 1. Jessica Alba 2. Molemen 3. J.U.I.C.E. 4. Acid 5. Maxim 6. X-Box 7. High Times
  12. yea she does look fine with that sword
  13. yea most people in high school are all herbs to begin, just because they know atmosphere, they got it all on lock.
  14. you walk the halls and see thse all these fuckin toys that claim they're the shit, like they have the best rhymes, can break the best, or graff the best, and you just look at them and tihink "what the fuck?"
  15. man, if britney spears made a porno with jenna jameson or briana banks then i'd for sure buy that shit!
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