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  1. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/854/122/598/make-the-wall-at-ocean-beach-a-public-art-space/#715053087?taf_id=10017778&cid=fb_na#bbfb=715053087
  2. Just heard about this.......Man. This dude is a LEGEND....sickest style, sickest hands, dopest letters, thowups, everything. Hit the dopest spots, freeway heavens, crazy ass climbing spots. I had the pleasure of kicking it with Yes a bunch of times, mostly at parties having fun. I told him how he was a big influence on my style and that he was fresh as fuck. He gave me props on my shit too which was huge to me. Rest in Peace YESR MDK you are king
  3. You just fucked up bigtime on this one....CA
  4. Those Gufe throws are horrible.
  5. "besides its only been a week he aint exactly mandela." lmao
  6. Gotta bump Kode. Dude has been putting in work for 15 years straight.
  7. Not usually the biggest fan of Roid, but this is just fucking mind blowing. Wow.
  8. Not sure what I like more.....that ass or that production.
  9. My nikka TRICKS.....triple ogee westsider.
  10. Bump those old flicks...... Jaya, Bles, King, Giant, Isee, Oarse, etc
  11. As toy and corporate as that is.....it's kinda sick. It just means your shit doesn't bleed through to the next page. Can't hate on that.
  12. rustofat3000


    It's hysterical how you fools constantly post pictures of people that have dropped your weak ass crew. You fools are straight fucking nerds.
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