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  1. will do Quoted post i meant make the backround outline more jagged, sorry man. Quoted post [/b] no problem, i know what you meant ;) cheers
  2. dripht

    My first

    ^^^ 1 or 2 years??? If you're dedicated, it will only take a few months, not years to become a decent writer.
  3. I didn't have anything for highlights... The sketch was done using coloured pencils, highlights were created by not coloring those bits in.
  4. It is one of my simples lol
  5. quick and rushed, small piece of paper, tired, etc... toy
  6. http://home.graffiti.net/dripht/sites/agtaysmall.gif'>
  7. dripht


    for kinoe http://home.graffiti.net/dripht/kinoeoutline.gif'>
  8. Re: Re: sorry bout the pic im about as poor as my cameras resolution lol
  9. toy sketch for opshen
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