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  1. nice flick of crazy baby. jw painted that.
  2. JW

    Ghost .

    ghost like a motha fucka
  3. and even if that were the case it still isn't right.
  4. big trucking deal!! Yes BTW did that truck. I have a real hard time understanding why someone would choose, out of all the billboards in seattle, that one. This is a big city and you fucked with that one, i have to say sorry to you now for the closure of your business, my deepest regrets to you and yours, and again sorry because we are not in the least bit happy about our work being gone over by a toy, you didn't even fill that shit you call graffiti, chances are you had no idea that we did that, maybe you thought some nobodys with to much time on thier hands decided to risk life and freedom for thier art, and if that were the case it wouldn't matter i would feel the same way about your act. we will fix the problem in a multitude of ways, keep your eye's open and think before you act next time. John Wayne, Beware The Walls.
  5. WHO FUCKIN CARES! fuck shit up leave behind your name lets bithc about the first person to use spray paint and how we all bitin. new ideas come with time nothing is special,everyone should get up as much as possible and in as many ways as possible. i do ground tags and i dont see it as biting off no one. its just another approach to writing, if its in your pocket and you can mark with it rocket. when your up your up, when your not your not! this honkeys off. peace
  6. ham hoarder thats a JW not a TW ill change it special just for you. the shaft on the J is a little long ill give it that. but, who cares!
  7. g south penis aest sigh.
  8. i just gotta say big ups to pores pars and all those other kids crushin heavy its nice t roll down every street and see some fresh work much respect.
  9. seattle died dont worry about the flick its just a flick i know whats thier and the btw is filled we thought we had light blue but had light yellow as is visually apparent well just have to do another one with better colors. beware the walls. its our world. seattle has a pulse,check it!
  10. tripod host is a no show. may be my computer.
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