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  1. I work at a mall, and I usually try taking routes without people when I'm getting food or coffee or whatever, and I'm getting pretty good at it. same thing in when I'm driving. get THE FUCK out of my way. and what the fuck is up with unemployed people at malls? why are you hanging out at a fucking consumer-paradise if you don't have money!?
  2. "teen_014.jpg" sorry to ruin your thread. carry on, girls.
  3. I have a dick, even if my username implies that I don't. well, it could be a male teen.
  4. haha. I think I'll hang a bunch of _______s and ____s from my christmas tree.
  5. http://www.dubmodder.com/app/welcome.html
  6. cheap plain black hoodie cheap plain beige t-shirt 2 year old baby blue boxers 3 year old (used to be) white socks dirty jeans (even though they're just washed) gold wristwatch (fuck you)
  7. Re: EastBayPowerHouse you can't eat dead babies alive.
  8. I tattooed the decepticon-logo on a friends chest the other day. no flicks, maybe I'll put one up once it's healed.
  9. figureskating - as hetero as it gets http://www.mojoflix.com/Video/Evgeni-Plushenko-Sex-Bomb.html
  10. Rodney Mullen: http://www.yourdailymedia.com/media/1165239928/Old_School_Rodney_Mullen
  11. somebody needs to start a new photohunt thread. now.
  12. I would exchange K-Fed for 2pac. seriously.
  13. who's white and who's not? what about latinos, jews, asians? is he going to exterminate europe and russia too? australia?
  14. umm.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0FI82DOuxE&NR the video's kind of long, it gets better by the end.
  15. I just started going to the gym again, and every muscle in the upper part of my body is aching. tomorrow it's legs and abs. fuck.
  16. les claypool kills shit.
  17. pretty big differences in the prices you have in the states. here in scandinavia a pack runs for an average of 4 euros. (except for norway, they have huge taxes on everything) i cop the bootleg russian cigarettes for 1 euro a pack. some of the russian cigs are horrible, but the quality brands like Marlboro are almost as good as the european ones.
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