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  1. yeah, i just listened to the song and didn't find any similarities. except maybe for the "e-e-e" in the chorus, but it's pretty far-fetched calling a song a ripoff based on that.
  2. Re: BEAT off into a pitcher of dog food
  3. probably opel or saab (both GM), they are releasing 4wd in some of their '08 models.
  4. haha. even the dogs have chinky eyes.
  5. i was thinking the same thing.
  6. fuck bachelor parties. why would you want a blowjob from someone else if you are getting married?
  7. i wasn't joking. are they concidered shit over there? they've just showed up in these parts of the world, and i really like them.
  8. cheap and delicious, i always have these at home. i might smoke one right now.
  9. hilmersson racing's turbo- and supercharged opel manta: 530hp volvo 740:
  10. Re: VIRGINIA TECH MASSACRE CONSPIRACY EXTRAVAGANZA can't you read? i was talking about sweden.
  11. Re: VIRGINIA TECH MASSACRE what the fuck are you talking about? please share your source of information. sure people have guns in sweden, but mostly on the countryside, used for hunting. if you want a handgun, you have to join a shooting club, they run background checks on you (not some half-assed check they ran on the s-korean kid), plus you need at least one referral from a member. of course there are illegal weapons too, and violent crime, but not to the same extent as in USA. and i'm sure crimerates would increase the same speed as weapons. åäö idiot
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