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  1. Re: Who's a vegan? boooooring. I eat whatever comes in front of my face.
  2. me too. and I would love NOT to go to a festival where half of the bands names start with 'THE' and end with 'S'.
  3. maybe you should ask for summer lessons since you can't spell.
  4. going to sleep early and waking up early
  5. no, those were supposed to be like that. right side of the 'y' is missing a dark red "pixel", and the 'a' in 'as' is missing a dark red pixel in the middle.
  6. oops, there are at least two mistakes in the pic. can anybody find them?
  7. i used to fuck with ansi/ascii gfx when i was like 12. i should pick up on that again. this reminds me of it, but fuck those angled vertical lines.
  8. Re: Great Pictures~ isn't there a bike thread? and a surf thread?
  9. EVERYBODY fucks with jesus. didn't you see 'passion of the christ'?
  10. i just got my test results back from mensa. i scored 155, so i figured i'd join them, just to see what it's about. i already paid the annual fee, but i'm too lazy to send in the form. the pamflets said nothing of world domination, but they probably wont let you know about that stuff until you join.
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