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  1. yo word man hey if you get flicks man post um cas i cant get a ryde out there
  2. Re: kise is dorkin it word yo infoe FUCKED up monroe a couple times man gets ups
  3. yo whats up any south FL heads down for pass around books?
  4. yo cheerleader.......... you where just way down south down here in keywest huh???????? shit was raw i got flix if u did get any
  5. hahahhahahahahahahhaa yo this kidd is softer then velvet
  6. http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b3d911b3127cce8b87e2e54a980000001610'> its ugly but what ever yo im just gettin into the game and yea shitty webcam its g-to the h to the e to the t-t-o its ghetto
  7. yo dork your shit is so fuckin sick, i cant even describe........... stay up peace
  8. yo aP@C your shits fuckin sick! keep it up brotha
  9. heres some shit from our boy phene http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b3d935b3127cce8aa116a468e20000001610'>
  10. iight blert im posting some shit bia style yea i know its shitty but fuck it i just started a lil bit ago 305 MoNRoE CoUnTy http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b3d935b3127cce8aa1153528ea0000001610'>
  11. WeRe All FaMily DoWn HeRe In K DuB BiA ALwAyZ
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