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  1. intelek


    Yo for those of u that don't know today, Friday 14th is Black friday, the day that Jay-Z's last album drops. I'm telling u now that this shit is a certified classic. What do ya'll think, i mean do you think this is his best album adn bigger than that do u believe this is his last album.
  2. intelek

    Big L vs. Tupac

    hold up hold up what the fuck is this i'm reading. tupac wasn't that great lyrically are u guys kidding me? i mean big L is definantly one of the greats no denying that. he gets way less credit than he deserves from a lot of people. a lot of those who claim to "love hip-hop and be true hip-hop heads" can't even name a big L song. But 2pac had a greater impact on hip-hop and on music period a lot of artist go listen to 2pac when they need to be inspired (rap and rock artist). and a lot of poets/songwriters pickup a copy of The Rose That Grew From Concrete when they wanna be inspired. i mean please people go pop on Dear Mama, Keep Ur Head Up, Brenda's Got a Baby shit like that and i think u'll see what i'm talking about. Rap is nothing but poetry with a beat and 2pac showed us that shit completely. Plus he was raised in Baltimore. Baltimore Blocks And i'm out.
  3. intelek

    *Favorite Hip Hop Instrumentals*

    i'd have to say six feet under ground i forgot whose song that is but i've freestyled to that beat so many times it's just that sick. then u got u don't know (jay-z) i like just blaze and the shit he does. almost any neptunes beat especially when they were unheard of when they were making all the capone n noreaga beats.