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  1. wow, after looking at these, i'm really not as bad as i thought thanks for the ego boost. this makes me want to paint..
  2. no you're right, my drunk ass definitely would have fallen./ heheh and you can climb up from the inside but i'm not sure how high you can get up. the inside is full of gravel and all types of nasty shit and when i tried to go from the inside i got a shoe full of gravel and gave up. anyways, who cares i need to go outside....
  3. i attempted to climb up here one night drunk as fuck but the police stopped and made me climb back down when i was about half way up.. whoever climbed up there should have hit the top of that bridge. why climb all the way up there for nothing??
  4. thats right ^ shit has become so distorted over the past few years. kids come through nowadays with no concept of fucking shit up, hitting and hitting the streets over and over. they bomb shit one night then go paint legals and chill burners; flick and post. repeat. thats not what graff is about. its not about being talented. if you're talented then great, take your skills to the street. but if you're not that artistically endowed, take it to the streets anyway. you'll at least get a little better. thats the way it goes. a true king does his own thing...
  5. Re: hail to the neckface and this is too cool anyone who buffs this is a straight nazi
  6. i'm going to bump this thread because this cat does the same weird type shit that i do. the only difference is that i put it in my sketchbooks and notepads, not on the streets, for fear that it will not be well received. damn me for being such a fucking robot and sticking to the format. true innovation is where its at..
  7. and a few of names (not all, only a few) that i see posted over and over with these chills, i've never even seen up on the street with the exception of an occasional tag in an alley on a trash bin. while there are a few heads i see all over the city with some in your face can't help but notice spots, but are never posted on this thread. it's giving people from other cities that peep this shit the wrong impression of who's doing what out here. flick and post what you see on the streets, not what your boy painted last night in a spot out in the cut that no one has ever been to.
  8. someone was writing JESUS SAVES on all of my stickers a while back i've had beef with the lord ever since but then i realized that ive seen JESUS SAVES with mad ups in almost every city and even some small towns i've been to, so i realized there was no fucking with this cat.. might as well just quit or change my name because JESUS SAVES has been a stright up king since the early 70's maybe even earlier..
  9. a lot of this chill spot shit is boring too. the same straight letters over and over just with different colors. *yawn* only post the chills if they're SICK. post up with some more dirty ass street bombimg shit. there are alot of street level fills in quality spots that i never see on here. just a thought, most of the shit is dope.....
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