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  1. yo when are we gonna find out who won the battle between me and noum :confused:
  2. mile .vs. noum http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b3d726b3127cce8e5ebb37e33f0000005610'> :mad
  3. yo ill put my MAD piece tomm.........
  4. how many rounds are there gonna be?
  5. yo if any one wanna battle hit me up on AIM....cuz i dont remember settin up a battle wit abort...so if u wanna battle AIM-BRONX MILER..
  6. yo abort hit me up on AIM to talk bout the rules.......BRONX MILER
  7. how am i in a battle wit abort when i wasnt here to set it up? :confused:
  8. iight thanx u guys........
  9. sorry for startin such a shity tread i just want to change my name to MRES and i wanted to ask u people if u know of someone writing this name...if not just let me no ...thanx
  10. yo so who won the battles wit me and noum and me and tempt???
  11. i knew the name was going to come back and bite me in the ass......oh well:o
  12. ill post more laterz....one
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