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  1. GODDAAAAAAAAAAAAMN YOU CANNOT BE 9! this here post is fuckin longer than most of my essays.
  2. what do you think is worse two 45's or one 90? both are nasty but ones gotta be worse
  3. the only song i like by them is soweto. that song is so relaxing
  4. i went in to my first ever job interview at the beginning of summer. it was at the local longs drugs. i went to where the managers office was and i noticed a large microphone and decided that since the manager wasnt there yet i could have a bit of fun. what i didnt know was that the walls were sound proof to his office and that the microphone let me talk on the loud speaker to the whole store. i started off by doing little things like announcing fake sales to customers and those sort of things. i thought it might be good practice for if i actually had to do those sort of things. then i started to get carried away and started yelling into it and making machine gun noises and yelling about back in 'nam. then i looked out of the window of the managers office and noticed him running towards his office with the reddest face......... well i didnt get the job but my friend was in the store and he said that when i was announcing sales people actually went to get those items and when i started talking about 'nam he knew it was probably me. so that was my first ever job interview. im feeling skeptical about my career so maybe ill win the lotto.
  5. i got one word for you :IMPLOSION that would be fuckin gnarly
  6. shit man i totally agree with you. ive only needed the cops once in my life. i was skating with my friend and this bigass gang of mexicans comes up and takes our boards. this woman called the cops to tell them about the robbery and the cops come and we tell them what happened and what does he do? he gave me a motherfuckin ticket for not skating with a fuckin helmet on!!
  7. ya ive seen oscar and liesure theyre all right. they are just everywhere so i gotta give props to them for that
  8. i live in berkeley and the scene here is fuckin gnar town. ive never made it into SF cuz of my not having of a car so i dont really know whats going on there.
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