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  1. ummm... i mean the page #284
  2. i think i see curve at the very top left, i see the letters rve clearly, but only sort of make out the cu? can someone confirm that? EDIT***i cant get the pic up, but its the esteme one on page283
  3. ^^do u got the "college years" flick, then we could see the old school zack, not just the young one, lol. or should i say older school? whatever im a fuckin nerd.
  4. No Snitchin in PHILLY 19148 Area FUCK POSE 2 Quoted post Blast Dat Razor Dirty Money Gang Quoted post [/b] i just thought thought the article was pretty gay, i will try to get to a scanner and scan that shit, but if a head is snitchin, put him in his place.STOP SNITCHIN.............YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT,,,,,,ABOUT WHAT GOES DOWN IN THE STREETS. and if you dont follow the street code, the streets are gonna follow you, and eventually get you. i hate snitches, i plead the fifth. " with my mouth shut, i keep my nose in the air, all the way to the chair. handle ya beeef by the pound, and then git poked wit an ox when you line up for chow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thirsty man
  5. ^^^that was going to be my question,who all had that spot originally?? who seen pose2 and his "art" instead of sloppy tags post in the philly metro today. a whole 15 kiddies went to his **from what i understand not free** class to learn how to paint like him and use his techniques. so i guess we got pose2-17 now huh, nah just kidding. but i have no access to a scanner, so if youze gotz it posts itz, its a 1%-5% interesting story. props to dub and bambu for crushin wp a bit together recently. mad props to bambu for having alot of wp spots. and i have been seein nare and boyz in west kenzo and np a lil bit. but boner is hittin the streets mostly in west kenzo, fishtown, port richmond and startin to trail in np, mostly all bricks, heavy too. love him or hate him, i dont like his attitude on this board***and alot of heads dont either, but what do you except from internet graff flick forums that turn to hatin chit chat gossip?*** but i do give him much props for smashin the bricks so heavy.boner you need stop worring about people talkin smack to you on here and keep doin your thing.then set a goal to find west philly, southwest philly and northwest philly. and all the haters on here you have**even though i was once one of them, which is understandable due to the way you came & come off to me, and alot of other heads** i am man enough to re-mark my words. i give you props for doin to philly what you said you were, and so far you are doin it. find those 3 boroughs of philly and have respect for wpk wcs aka esc imc, [eck-set-err-uh] and those type of brick hittin crews, plus long hands wickets, [eck-set-err-uh]. and my bad for soundin like your coach, just lookin out because now i feel what your doin to our bricks, your puttin the buff to fuckin work too!!!!!!!! now i know i am going to be hated on by philly internet heads for sayin this stuff, but this is my OPINION, from what I SEE with my EYES, and think in my DOME. deal with it people. and boner, props for heavy hittin, but nax has been writin in philly for a long time now, alot of us got respect for him, personally, i do. **and its your business and nax's what you two do** both of you keep crushin! this is coming from someone who had the minimal of known rep for a quick year or two, people knew/know my name and still see it once in a blue moon.not even close to nax or alot of heads. but my internet pics pop up here and there, which big ups to all of phillys bombers. no love for internet haters, or constant opinionated shit chatters. im done!!! peace
  6. LMAO.......NO HOMO DUKE,WHERES YA MIND AT? :clown2: GET OFF "BONERS" DIK............ TRY 1 OF THOSE...VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: Quoted post [/b] yo man, whatever, your the king of 12oz battles, i cant test with all your smiley faces, and surfin the net for pics like the one above^^^, man thats out of my league, in a few years maybe i will hit that level. and where do u get those cool ass lines like "nohomo duke where ya mind at?" man that shit is so cool. can i use them on the streets of of philly? only then would i be the coolest. if you only would have told me to fix my face. thats the coolest line ever. i just wish you would have called me a fan, just like you do to everyone else who pulls your card. :love2: :love2: call me honey!!
  7. dam boner you sure do dickeat yourself, you know its bad when you refer to yourself in the 3rd person. check this out boner, why dont you have an operation and have the doctors take your bottom 6 ribs out of your ribcage, if you do that it will make life alot easier for yourself. just "beee" yourself, this internet ego is the fuck corny, no matter how many graff magazines you were in.
  8. im not goin 2 fully answer that one and why it matters^^^ someone else please.im simply going to ask: if kmd esc and kad/boza dont matter? then who does, vatoe?mango?
  9. bump these are nonstops(like the 5th page or something), i had to rehost them because 12oz wouldnt let me simply reply or quote. i had to bump these after that one, props nonstop.
  10. span used to write spiz/spizlah kops smudge too while were on the topic
  11. first off erock hit that truck about 2 years ago then nax hit it then adea killd it so shut your fuckin mouth..... second i never hit the truck so open your eyes take the dick outa your mouth......... Quoted post my bad "echos" i get you three confused because all three of you guys write exactly the fukin same................ yo, who cares, its an abandoned van, in the outskirts of n.e.p.(3 blocks from the suburbs) your takin offense like its the wall of fame or somethin. if it was erock, who cares, that shit was slop anyway.or if it was you, or evade, dont matter, you guys had the same sloppy tags a decade ago, the same ones in the same perimiters in the nep. and still aint moved them off cottman ave yet. NACKS and CAMEL are the only good tags on there, thats what matters. and get mad at me all you want, when it comes down to it, what i said is a fact. and "echos", your tellin me to take the dick out my mouth? man, im not tryin to pull your card, but you set yourself up for this. and if you can handle these questions, id like to see an answer. how many years did you ask me "how do you do those flares.and how many years did you wait in the wing with the 7. team, til i finally put you on?" . man up and answer, then explain to me how your dicks in my mouth. i guess i put myself in this position. 12oz prophet, the home of the caps lock ice-grill.
  12. ------------------------------------- ya blind, not takin from dude, but pretty much everything hes done in philly is on this thread, so the answer to your question would be look at the last 20 pages.
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