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  1. http://alamocity.fuckthebuff.com/images/illegal225.jpg'> http://alamocity.fuckthebuff.com/images/illegal226.jpg'> http://alamocity.fuckthebuff.com/images/illegal230.jpg'> http://alamocity.fuckthebuff.com/images/illegal232.jpg'>
  2. south side. and i still rock the bologna and mayonaise masterbation rhymes. http://alamocity.fuckthebuff.com
  3. this guy makes good music. http://www.chingobling.com/images/ceo_message.jpg'> Chingo's Famous Quote: The recipe for a million dollars starts with 1 lb. of masa, so grab a Igloo and get on your grind. Rap isn't for everybody, so put the mic down and come be one of my tamale wrappers. http://www.chingobling.com/images/chingo_bio.jpg'>
  4. family>friends>hoes>graff. actually, i think i'd switch up the second and third one.
  5. ohh..... see somtimes threads, i just don't see 'em. good work.
  6. its just music. fuck krs for this whole four elements shit. hip-hop is good music. graffiti is fun, but i see no connection. maybe.... no wait, i was right. there is no connection. i would consider my self a fucking social analytical hypocritical yet not giving a fuck shit's work of a care about groups or vices person so eat my shorts... in conclusion, no i am not hip hop, i'm 'rap'
  7. is that the same alley from "8mm" cause it looks like it... in a way.. but then again, i guess most alleys look alike..
  8. what did that one look like that was under the buff?
  9. Police, Drugs and the 4th Amendment
  10. i've seen that shit in corpus christi. not that exact same shit, but they had cameras everywhere. pretty much in every single intersection, both major and residential. fucking creepy. plus, i kept see unmarked black helicopters flying over the beach. i think it has somthin to do with the selena memorial. fuck 'em. lets get a militia going. we'll be like them fools in liberia and send a message that if the president don't resign, we'll start killing everyone. every single person in the country not with us. we're gonna need shirts (so we don't kill each other). who's down.
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