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  1. http://www.coloradowest.com/images/kool-logo.gif'> http://www.milmour.com/images/kool.jpg'>
  2. http://www.hwatson.force9.co.uk/images/baking/crumpets.jpg'> werd to hotels with all you can eat coffee and crumpets in the morning
  3. oh righty right i forgot they are over my mums having some krimpets and eggy weggs while they enjoy a spot of tea
  4. looks like marilyn manson should be bangin them bitches. wheres the top notch pussy at :confused:
  5. get the fuck outta here wit dat shit :yuck:
  6. yes but do any of the others contain hovercrafts and fetus beads? i think not :king:
  7. http://www.2kmotors.com/luke/EXT/DSC00488.JPG'> http://images.auction123.com/A123IH/fd74de2c-3df5-47d9-9d47-781895dbf645/11111111111111111/03/webimage001m.jpg'> http://www.exotics4less.com/ebay/95f50yel/95-F50-Yel-001.jpg'> http://www.exotics4less.com/ebay/95f50yel/95-F50-Yel-012.jpg'> http://carguyz.ipixmedia.com/abc/carguyz/_CARGUYZ_cae0bdf08d6befdfb4b26fedf110f934/i-1.JPG'> http://www.exotics4less.com/ebay/02vansil/02VanquishSilverGrey-001.jpg'> http://www.exotics4less.com/ebay/92diablo/92-Diablo-White-Red-001.jpg'> http://ebay3.ipixmedia.com/abc/M28/_EBAY_3c96d30997cff43332bb30261ec70232/i-1.JPG'> http://ebay1.ipixmedia.com/abc/M28/_EBAY_3353e9f856545dd9629aac3159d50e3f/i-1.JPG'> http://ebay3.ipixmedia.com/abc/M28/_EBAY_72a1935ae04f52a6bb19d3d6d47a22e7/i-1_B.JPG'> http://ebay1.ipixmedia.com/abc/M28/_EBAY_18fa7ec0767ae5245ef3f1a900da7140/i-1_B.JPG'> http://ebay1.ipixmedia.com/abc/M28/_EBAY_d01deb20241e4a743952280a4eab72dd/i-1.JPG'> <-dinosaur poop fossil :lol: http://www.blinkythe3eyedfish.com/temporaryimages/rachel/greengroup.jpg'> ..fetus beads :jpotato: contribute your own findings
  8. http://www.mayhemupload.com/images/smutterhaha.jpg'> young bawww
  9. uhhhhm 1.people chewing loudly 2.breathing loudly or breathing loudly from tha nose when chewing 3.a lot of peoples laughs 4.a lot of peoples hairstyles 5.people in tight pants and big shirts or tight shirts and baggy pants 6.people with birthmarks or moles on their face 7.when girls wear them big hoop earrings 8.people with long fingernails boys or girls..and especially when girls get they nails done that really gets on my nerves for some reason 9.people who stutter 10.people with a.d.d 11.when your talking to someone on the computer and u type like a big ass paragraph or two and all they say is "oh" or "that sucks" or something to that effect..or when you type something and the person just signs off without saying anything 12.the words "phat" "holla"(especially when not even used correctly)when people your age call you "young baw"..or anyone for that matter 13.feet 14.the sound of someone gulping a drink 15.when people go "shhhh"..the sound of it realllllly pisses me off 16.when someone says like "bat" and they put a lot of emphasis on the t 17.when your having a conversation with someone..or they have already been told something by someone and then they ask questons that were already answered 18.when people ask you a question and will do so for a couple days because they dont remember that they already asked you that 19.people who cant read out-loud good 20.freak kids that have no friends who listen to marilyn manson and whatnot 21.preppy lacrosse player types of kids 22.the overly-gangsta white people who go as far as sporting du-rags and saying "nigga" seriously..to even black people 23.nerds and people who have no friends that act like they couldnt do anything to change their image and just suffer humiliation every day 24.girls who carry around that body spray shit and spray 4 layers on every 5 minutes..enough to make you gag when they walk by 25.people who smoke and dont inhale..or blow half of the smoke out before they inhale 26.people who dont pack their cigarettes and when i ask for one its all loose and tobacco is falling out and it burns fast 27.people who drag their feet too much when they walk 28.people who laugh at anything 29.people who say retarded things to be funny but dont make sense and it isn't on purpose to not make sense 30.people who eat cereal and dont finish off the milk 31.people who don't spray the bathroom after shitting 32.people who spike up their bangs with gel 33.people with bleached hair 34.people who wear visors backwards or upside down 35.people who mix clothes like a bon jovi shirt with a bob marley hat rocawear pants and sketchers shoes 36.people who spit when they talk 37.people who are un-reliable 38.people who wear their socks real high 39.people who wear boots with shorts 40.people who wear sandals 41.men who wear rings 42.people with watches and cellphones that ask you what time it is 43.people with a lighter that ask you for a light 44.people with money that ask u to borrow money 45.people with studded belts 46.people who contradict themselves with every thought and thing they say 47.people who are conceided 48.people with red/orange hair 49.people with freckles 50.overly tan people 51.people who dont wear socks 52.people who walk around barefoot 53.people with cliche screen names like xXzer0xskaterXx and such 54.people who can't do basic things on the computer or understand anything like my friend asked me "dude you can listen to music on kazaa and talk to people on aol at the same time?!" 55.people who act overly happy and talk a lott to everyone and then make comments about you being shady or shy because you don't act the same way uhhhhhm thats it for now..but thats just the beginning :mad:
  10. no alf doesnt suck you suck..go get some sunlight fuckin weirdo.:rolleyes:
  11. Hell naw Alf's wild in tha one episode the mom says no soda so he gets some beer for him and the kid..then she takes it away and he goes all mission impossible behind her to try and get it
  12. Hey I need a pot for the oven...Why on earth alf?..Because the cat won't fit in the toaster Ahh I'll just make a sandwich Wheres the blender?
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