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  1. nahh i disagree, for real dont go out of ur way to hit up there, but if u jus hav a pen in ur pocket and the oppertunity arises for you to hit a few reaches then why not... personaly i like it wen i see names i recognise from london up in some random ends
  2. that doggd shit on the previous page is a damn shame
  3. "real similar" is one way of puttin it, spittin fuckin image is another.
  4. nah no disrespect to slam but its a bog standard style similar to many.
  5. the neas underneath lookd quite nice
  6. people moan about bods who hardly do anything being after cheap fame and gaining it thru the net, but if u wernt concerned with fame yourself then why are you bothered wether or not these brehs get more recognition than the people who dont post ther stuff on the net? its upto the ppl who done the work to decide who they wanna show it to n how they want it to be shown... most people are on this forum to see pics, so if someone decides to show u ther shit and it aint half bad then stop fuckin complainin.. - and enuff of geezers comin on to the internet to complain about how much they hate the internet and the people that use it. :twitch:
  7. this mite be a stupid question, but whats the worth of disguisin geezers hands?
  8. wot do them reaches inside and nex to that orange shit actualy say?
  9. i feel some of that old stuff more than the recent stuff
  10. all this stuff is bulshit, givin ppl years for writing on trains.. the judges shouldnt be able to sleep at night, as if a prison sentance is even a punishment that fixes anything anyway... go in prison a writer come out ready to start shottin crack or sumin. its all bollocks fuck the police fuck the law free ribs
  11. dont post any more of that crap up u little turd
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