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  1. if thats a first attempt its pretty clean for exports. i wouldnt post my own shit again for a good year or so tho.
  2. if thats in regards to the fire extiguisher tags then it says AT SULOH BERS the U of the suloh was blown like fuck cause it was north freo and just about to storm... if not in regards to the aforementioned comment of mine then disregaurd.
  3. why do those two posts by dopes seem like the next rdkl shirts to come out... only if its in electro colours tho... you might be onto something. hearts captain sparrow
  4. fuck this shit it says edit or delete and i cant delete the shit... i should start a new nice but then it wouldnt be as amazing as the amount of time ive been on here with such few post... douche juice the vdagefister. sup ninjas havent been on in a long time
  5. yo bolster this be a better stolen flick posted with permission
  6. im thinking this thread was in regards to the long awaited sequel to the crimson room. and no i cant get out of it yet
  7. yeah i was getting that to i shut down messenger and irc etc and just ran that one page was stoked when it finally worked
  8. rocky horror was alright by far the best is bugsy malone those pie guns and pedal cars rocked. the chicken will crow let me have him joe
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