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arden ~ AEC

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  1. arden ~ AEC


    aight, best stencil ive seen on this site good theme...almost gothic peace
  2. arden ~ AEC


    hey bathorae can i see a pic of u? ;) that first one of the last 2 is hot specially for a girl have u done any walls yet???? look forward to hearing from u peace
  3. arden ~ AEC


    where is this thread heading ??? close it burn it delete it peace
  4. arden ~ AEC

    For your girl

    that 3D is hot
  5. arden ~ AEC

    Timed Sketchin

    this thread got good after the first post
  6. arden ~ AEC

    sum of my..

    yeah word...that chick is hot though ive seen it before BITER ! peace
  7. arden ~ AEC

    StiKa TOUR 03'-EGOR ONE- AEK 3fk(chicago IL)

    yeah but can u actaully use a can and do that shit on walls? its a hell of a lot easier with textas peace
  8. arden ~ AEC

    sd black books

    thatd 3D makes my head hurt peace
  9. arden ~ AEC

    here it is

    scott lajock word
  10. arden ~ AEC


    let me hit it and ill burn u peace
  11. arden ~ AEC


    word, fix up that 's' and it will look dope nice style peace
  12. arden ~ AEC

    It's Been Awhile....

    relek u got the best styles i seen on this site peace
  13. arden ~ AEC

    Alphabattle Letter "G" boyaa

    i must be the only dum cunt on this thread cuz that doesnt look like a G to me peace
  14. arden ~ AEC


    ckit have u eva done any of these on a wall, with paint? some of these throws up would look aight peace
  15. arden ~ AEC

    Independence Day work

    pretty nice i like the theme to it, adds half the niceness