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  1. whats the security like in your city at the yards??its real fucked up over here in south africa, the guards actually sleep inside the trains in the yards and they are apperently "allowed" to shoot you!!these fucks have guns..i wish the was a freight scene over here, they sound easier to hit.
  2. whats the hardest drug youve ever ingested??iv just recently been intorduced to the world of acid and various downers...acid has very horrible effects if youre as weak as me when it comes to drugs...never doing it again, i thought i was being attacked by obese ninja's at one stage. i'm sticking to pussy and shrooms.
  3. what you cats doing all the way in ghana??
  4. yep..theyre taking graff more seriously,they slapped a five year sentence on a kid once,but some security guards prefer to beat the living poo out of you than to take you to the police,which i'd also prefer cause a cell is hell.but the law here is easily coruptable,so you always have to go out and write with a little bit of bribe money just incase.we have the highest murder rate but they insist on concentrating on graff than on other shit like the daily common child rape(kids of 2yrs of age being gang raped.) i wish i still had the pic of when this one writer did a throw up on one of the
  5. Now check this.... :D :D :D
  6. some more for the kiddies that last pic is in johannesburg,where i stay,it's inner city is really grimey lookin and dilapidated.it off the hinges. http://www.trocabanda.com/images1/TEA/gog12.JPG'> YOU GOTTA LOVE THIS ONE.JOHANNESBURG! http://www.trocabanda.com/images1/TEA/gog16.JPG'> http://www.trocabanda.com/images1/TEA/gog17.JPG'> http://www.trocabanda.com/images1/TEA/gog18.JPG'> http://www.trocabanda.com/images1/TEA/gog14.JPG'> legendary FALCO in action http://www.africasgateway.com/galleries/gal/Graf_CT/falkos%20art.JPG'> http://ww
  7. he's sick,we use sprayon brand paint and i dont know if anyone has ever heard of the folowing brands,spectra spray,dulux,plascon. the scene started in the early eightee's and the first writer was GOGGA from cape town,but now resides in Johannesburg,he is still in the game and he is still burning kids.weve had a lot of european writer comming to visit and help out,loomit was here and solo one,smirk(swedish)and theres this ill female writer from the uk who now lives here,FAITH,shes also very good. the street bombing is comming up real good and many writers are getting up,the problem is th
  8. Cape Town,South Africa. http://cloud.new.co.za/~kjamro/archive/nld/nld001.jpg'> http://cloud.new.co.za/~kjamro/archive/obs/obs094.jpg'> http://cloud.new.co.za/~kjamro/archive/obs/obs082.jpg'> http://cloud.new.co.za/~kjamro/archive/obs/obs088.jpg'> http://cloud.new.co.za/~kjamro/archive/obs/obs112.jpg'> http://www.trocabanda.com/images1/EM/empic18.JPG'> My role model. http://www.trocabanda.com/images1/Ras/raspic5.jpg'> Johannesburg in full effect.RASTY http://www.trocabanda.com/images1/TEA/gog9.JPG'> south african graff pione
  9. well allow me to retort. http://cloud.new.co.za/~kjamro/archive/train/train102.jpg'> http://cloud.new.co.za/~kjamro/archive/train/train136.jpg'> http://cloud.new.co.za/~kjamro/archive/train/train019.jpg'> http://cloud.new.co.za/~kjamro/archive/train/train020.jpg'> http://cloud.new.co.za/~kjamro/archive/train/train003.jpg'>
  10. http://www.trocabanda.com/images1/trains/nmetrakside.JPG'> http://www.trocabanda.com/images1/trains/curio8.JPG'> Mid 80's Circa http://www.trocabanda.com/images1/trains/cursect.JPG'> http://cloud.new.co.za/~kjamro/archive/train/train111.jpg'> http://www.artcrimes.com/trains/2003trains/southafrica_miz1.jpg'> http://www.artcrimes.com/trains/2003trains/southafrica_jest5.jpg'> http://cloud.new.co.za/~kjamro/archive/train/train130.jpg'> http://cloud.new.co.za/~kjamro/archive/train/train051.jpg'> http://cloud.new.co.za/~kjamro/archive
  11. no doubt,only see color in the piece not in the skin pigment. i know you(americans) did,we respect that and we look up to american founders such as cornbread and taki,but did you know that africans started painting on rocks as early as the 1600's?but that doesnt matter,what matters is that we are all into the same art form and we should unite in dropping art and burning this society which does not give a fuck about us.
  12. so what is up with all this racism and shit?of course theres lots of black people here..this is africa.LOGIC is a motherfucker huh?
  13. where in s.a. were you?business or pleasure..there are some really sick cats here.
  14. some trains from south africa,Johannesburg and Cape Town. http://www.trocabanda.com/images1/trains/curio4.JPG'> My favourite writer..CURIO http://www.trocabanda.com/images1/trains/thirty1.JPG'> http://www.trocabanda.com/images1/trains/emt1.JPG'> http://www.trocabanda.com/images1/trains/ras1.JPG'> http://www.trocabanda.com/images1/trains/dronefrieght.JPG'> http://cloud.new.co.za/~kjamro/archive/train/train094.jpg'> http://cloud.new.co.za/~kjamro/archive/train/train028.jpg'> http://www.artcrimes.com/trains/2003trains/sout
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