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  1. theres a new one... i never knew there was such thing as "straight gay"? :lol:
  2. hey ivo, i've seen alotta of ur stuff on artcrimes. i like it, contray to popular opinion. theres close minded, and dont understand that sometimes simple can look great, especially with ur cleaness. word up ivo.
  3. i quit. 12oz is a soap opera now. kids just talk. no paint. :confused:
  4. i'd love to if i had a digicam. sorry folks, mabye someday. :o
  5. big ups from cleveland to austin. t-1 headquarters are in austin, so are the 9th street trails? any of you ride? :eek:
  6. i burn anal more than bob saget. :yum:
  7. check the website brotha. :idea:
  8. i've seen allota hot bitches around this neck of the woods, but nothin like california. <-unrelated to the thread. hey where do all the finished canvases go and how big are they?
  9. ill be there. no painting for me, just sitting back in aw. thanks for the info.
  10. im in love with this thread. keep it alive with more phunk.:)
  11. inspiring stuff. i should go draw and get off this damn computer. you paint any of those yet? if so drop the flics!! :D
  12. hey. i dont wanna die. im not that involved with the cleveland scene. no beef. :confused:
  13. damn. i wish i was as cool as that kid. maybe some day i will be if i talk shit to kids on my computer more...anythings possible. ;)
  14. i really like the resp joint. whos this resp kid? or did ridle just write that shit? big ups to the only writer motivated enuff in this thread to actually post their fliks. haha. holla back.
  15. this one needs alotta work. i usta play with zewall until i got bored of it. i rather just sketch than paint at night. good thread tho, i guess. :king:
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