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  1. man, i need to step my game up. you guys are making me look bad.
  2. really good shots, everyone. i'm especially feeling nate's. here are some from my weekend:
  3. nice work everyone. here's my contribution: 1. The color green 2. A circle 3. Smoke 4. Politics 5. Sunrise 6. Asia 8. Police 10. Alleyway 11. Something positive 12. My poison 13. Room with a view Bonus - Canaduh, Eh?
  4. nice. i have most of mine ready. just a little over a week left.
  5. just felt like bumping this. how's everyone's shooting going?
  6. point and shoot stuff from vacay analog:
  7. nice list. i've been wanting to do one of these for a while and finally got a digital camera, so i'm definitely getting in on this one.
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