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  1. actually I believe the Dutch founded New York (New Amsterdam) but aside from that I guess I'll use this opportunity to state my feelings on this bullshit debate... freights are fine for a lazy afternoon or if there is nothing else to do, going to a freight-yard that might actually get you caught is so damned retarded when the risk is just as bad or even a little less risky when you do commuters, subways and what have you... plus who cares who does what, personally I think fr8s are silly and boring especially when you live in a city with a subway system and or amtrak or any other passenger trains. So if all you do is fr8s then shut up about people who actually put graffiti where it belongs and that take the risks to do so. And if you do transit then you know that what you are doing is more legitimate. so that being said shut your vaginas and post some fliks or just ignore it altogether.
  2. hawkeye


    remember that magazine vapors? i was under the impression #2 was supposed to come out close to 2 yrs ago... has this project vaporized?
  3. saul goode. any "sign" or more "egs" stuff?
  4. suomi is hype... for a place so small (helsinki) and seemingly so isolated, the graff is wicked awesome. not to mention the people are very chill (no pun intended). if you are hating on this stuff its because you take yourself way too seriously... this shit is just fun to look at and I'm sure they have more fun doing it. americans can be the most ignorant fuckers on the planet (mostly due to insecurity) so it doesn't shock me that they be scurrrred of graff with little inhibition and lots of style... even if some of it isnt the best ever it still seems pretty confident. plus it's where santa lives. so keep posting fliks...
  5. what is to the left? petro is cool, and he looks good in a wig.
  6. some of these aren't very good, whether they are filled in or not the letters are just crap... believe me better writers are doing cleans and doing them correctly... don't let these fakers represent everyone... the praer, necs, remix are decent.. thats really it... I dont believe the mentality that just because its on a passenger train it somehow validates it even when it sucks... save that shit for your photo album. not to mention hardly any of them ever leave the yard.
  7. tagging in sign language... Kose!.... ha, dope.
  8. yes... sae tags... swek... swsauce.
  9. JOSH?? oh it says CASH... hmmmm.
  10. holy bite, batman... wtf! SIGH IS THE BIGGEST AND WORST BITER KNOWN TO MAN!
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