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  1. miss cherry is hot, he needs to get back with her
  2. pose, resto, tyboe, navy8
  3. artful dodger, c of r, herby rip
  4. nice HEROIN elephant
  5. vizie, colossus of roads, ghouls
  6. PostLogic


    Tie has influenced my bombing more than any other writer ever. I remember when i first heard of his death, that whole summer i would go out with a can of black and silver just because he was such an influence. Very few have ever bombed as hard as tie, and had such amazing style. You dont look at his throwees the way you normally look at somebodys throwups, you truly experience them. You can feel his emotion, and whats amazing is that he busted out so much emotion with two colors and did it in seconds. Bump, for a true king. TIE, RIP
  7. those flicks look fast, but still dope
  8. swek, sole, sewon, spongbob, no props to bread
  9. lewis is way cooler than my dad who is coinceidentally named lewis
  10. Crow, keep up the good work. Nice variety of styles
  11. dope barry white flick
  12. PostLogic


    geso is dope, he punched my brother
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