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  1. i floss just enough for hoes to know i'm not broke, but too flossy is wack, if anything my fucking bank account is the one flossing..
  2. i got shot at in front of tower records when i was like 15, a few months ago a car full of niggers shot up a house party i was at and before that some mexicans shot up another house party and jumped everyone.
  4. might as well ask them if you can have their wallets why your at it..
  5. it's not a cryo or a reefer, cryo's by the way are not reefers, it is a regular old flat car, i have seen them before.
  6. i hate those cp flats and ive never even painted one.
  7. ohio has butt ugly ass bitches. why do the after partys end so early? are there going to be kegs? fuck the painting, i want to get drunk and fight toys!
  8. That is why you fuck around and bring a 9 up in your spot, i never go painting without at lease a bottle of pepper spray and a hammer in my pocket.
  9. $$$$$$$$$$$$


    hybrid must have been pretty wasted to write some shit like that next to his crappy ass throw up. ouija, how are you going to leave beg hanging like that?? fools are acting up these days..
  10. there is way too much garbage on the lines these days.
  11. oh please post the crow, he is sooooooooo tight!
  12. what ever happend to toys writing simple names like "scam" or "tek" what the fuck is chapo or antosh?
  13. I never got hurt benching, but once i was on this main road taking flicks of a nice kem piece and a car drove by and some girl was like "haaay" and i was like "haay girl" and they pulled over and i got the digits. It is moments like that, that make me still do graffiti.
  14. they are all over the west coast where they should stay! infact i did one last week that was clean, i didnt even have to go over some toy.
  15. what kind of homo wear's shoes like that..
  16. crew pictures are cool, i can not tell if that crew is joking or they really dress like that..
  17. dam, that chilled express must have pissed someone off.
  18. just got back from the yard! ABHOR/SLEAZE-gray hopper KEM-lnac flat car CLOZET(GONE OVER BY 2 WIERD STYLE PIECES)/FEENK(DISSED WITH TBK TAGS)-gvsr flat car. EMER(DISSED WITH TBK TAGS, SAME LINE AS^^)/MYNAS-gvsr flat car. HOPE/FROM-gray hopper SMITH HOLLOW-mp waffle LOST(fr8 of the day)-red boxcar
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