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  1. zepolyks


    NAS-"no ideas original.there's nothing new under the sun.it's never what you do, but how it's done." :king:
  2. damn relek your shit is ill! much respect....keep it up. by the way what part of texas u at?
  3. 2pac nas biggie talib kweli big pun jay-z big l rakim mos def eric sermon az -groups- de la soul a tribe called quest mobb deep ugly duckling the beatnuts black star wu-tang clan def squad :king:
  4. mine...... i remember when i was 5 i pissed my bed and my mom beat me with a wire hanger.:lol: moral of the story-don't pee on ur bed :king:
  5. well....... i heard since it was on a childrens network before they couldn't make their homosexuality obvious.now its on tnn and they should'nt be restricted.i don't know im going to see for my self.its going to be on tommorow night. watch it:idea:
  6. i heard the cartoon...ren & stimpy......is based on a homosexual couple. is this true?and has anyone seen the new episodes on TNN. and if so is it obvious that ren and stimpy fuk? just wandering because if its true,then thats some weird shit.:lol:
  7. there are way too many tricks in this world.bitches are always playing mind games.i can't stand those underhanded sluts.
  8. ya i felt like fucking that bitch up....i think im going to get another girl to do it for me or i'll just kick her boyfriends ass again.
  9. whats the craziest or dumbest thing anyone has done for a girl? i myself got into a fight with her "ex-boyfriend" because he had "hit" her.later i found out she just used me, because she was mad at him and made up a story of how he used to hit her.after the fight they got back together. :mad: .........stupid bitch.
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