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  1. Looks a bit like a Siks outline without the fat ass 3-d. hmmm.. but its still good to see an old bristol writer still reprezentin'
  2. ahhh the buzz of a throwie quick and e.z. and can look nice too jus look at the "six of the best" thang SKORE did (its in Crapotism 31) and those Logoe OE's have been gettin fresher n fresher since he came down from the big smoke. I think its nice/healthy to see throw ups around(even in H.O.F.s..shock,horror) it keeps things competetive ahhhh what do I care anyway... Peace to the Bristol Heads .:smiles: see yah soon and bumps to Pinup 4 the holiday snaps......youch:mexican:


    Re: bomber well I think its damn nice lines and a nice angry feelin flow to it. but who the hell am I any way.
  4. niso... about your fliks mate... I dont know if its my shitty old p.c. or your host but I rarely get to see the photos you post on this thread..... if its my p.c. let me know. take it e.z. nice to see a younger generation of bristol writers doing productions innit:twitch:
  5. wallnuts..........? aint there any images on this thread..? or is it jus for spouting off? I thought this thread would be one of the ones that represented where crew writing mentality could be taken, but it jus seems like so many others that are jus jammed full of EgOs.... jus plain tired:nope: :nope: :nope: :nope: :nope: :nope: :nope: :nope: :nope: :ballcap:
  6. YOB,LOUT,HOOLIGAN BASICALLY A YOUNG THUG.... or like the man skrib 139 says the british tabloid presses way of describing any bloke between 16-35 without a private education (all graff writers are therefore considered as the shit on the shoe of our society cuz we cant spell and seem to LOVE breaking the law?) PROPS 2 tha SLOBS....lol that article made my old dear laff so hard she spat her false teeth out.
  7. lovin the thread........ how come monty burns aint posted his arty feeder shots on this thread? you know the ones i mean with the reflection in the swollen river. mmmmm props and I'm out like a harry potter book at ur local library.
  8. YEAH MAN... I aint livin in Brissle at the mo... but I visit on the regular. give me a bell in the next couple of weeks an we could hook up an do some serious damage.... dubs,throwies etc etc. nice to see a young gun blazin up this internet shiznit. PROPS bud and I'm out like a Light on the suspension bridge....
  9. yes................. thats jus plain rude bro....lol nice threads you started... particularly the "photograff" thread....mmmm nice next time phone me. :crazy: e.z. NISO
  10. CHEERS MONTY.... That monster paint is quite impressive:smiles: See you soon for more stock:nut: Went out wit K.G.B. yesterday on a rural trackside mission.... fliks to follow in next few days, cuz the ones i got are more blurred than my memory. laters fellas, and I'm out like a cat that vomitted on your mums best rug.:twitch:
  11. sweet thread Mr NISO Nice fliks mr NISO...... especially like the second one on here with matey hangin from the light, c'est la bon vie:smiles:
  12. too much rabid masturbation shut up, shut up, shut up..... and shut up... if u got power enough to post why aint you got no fliks? :o :o :o :o :o :o :o you guys startin 2 sound like a bunch of kiddies swappin pokemon cards..... lol
  13. the GOD that is.....DICK you wanna see the blow out that is my arse after a guinness session.... is this thread gettin to wierd yet? :stretch:
  14. you certainly got that grimey style of shit goin off on this thread props to all the fuckers who is keepin this thread current.. keep postin those phat fuckin photos and keep on eatin all the under cooked red meat
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