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Everything posted by ihatemanutd

  2. ^Word^ If you didn't know sace or don't know about addiction shut the fuck up. RIP FROM THE UK
  3. Been a while innit?! Sheila Blige been doing all the hardwork over at Flickr so I kind of lost interest. Anyways here's a random selection of all things mank, I'm getting back on it so keep checking! Yo FYM,FNB,GTI,AO
  4. "ehhhh. not really a big deal" you would say that coming from perth:beat:
  5. "actually jb is european" actually, James Boags is Tasmanian, I say this with the confidence of holding both an Australian passport and a European passport, and it happens to be the best lager in the world.:spin:
  6. Re: writers in action! "I wasn't dissing the flick. I like it bruvva..." well in that case soz! trust a manc to jump to jump on that...
  7. Re: writers in action! "Somone taking a flick of someone taking a flick of someone painting. Braap" ha ha ha.you little scouse bitch.those who know know,and those who don't don't. skirm knows the score. rip haro
  8. Re: writers in action! Hip Hop Kemp action shot! Ya dun know the steez down in hradec...
  9. your still awful rigs!and wot??
  10. wheres that at??don't recognise it at all!...got a load of moss side,stretford,hulme etc flicks to post up soonish...
  11. you could do with the practice too ya little cunt
  12. just wondered if anyone had any mr. tee or teaser flics? yeah bruv, no flicks, but seeing a fair bit of teaser poppin up around the city... does anyone in manchester own a digital camera, or have you all sold them for coke??
  13. another small update...where the flicks at you lazy cunts?:D :king:
  14. yeah 42 are a proper national crew, big ups
  15. nice picture breal, I got a photo I took when that buidling was fucked before it got buffed, its not on digital so I will dig out, big stuff. Wak update I know but I been busy, expect loads over the next months, and others feel free to upload! :D :D :D
  16. can't say I do, don't even think I have seen any of that stuff, from what sort of era are we talking?
  17. yeah kupfer thats harsh, its a nice spot and all
  18. indeed who the fuck are man u??and i'm not even a city fan!and yes bonez is one up mother fucker, when I was in melbourne visiting family I was mightily impressed, loving his huge roller tags
  19. can't say I'm familiar with a mr.tee or teaser, anyone else??
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