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  1. i'll battle you sode. ha ha, yea rite im not stupid. i wanna see a battle with ya go down.. abort99 take on sode..
  2. where tha flix? ha ha ha, im actually workin on making hgraff look more like a magazine, and better, it will be back with a bunch of flix.. just keep ya heads up..
  3. http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images11/magotz2.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images11/magot2.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images11/magotz4.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images11/magot1.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images11/magots1.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images12/jewswest.JPG'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images/images2/jew01.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images11/jewsverbtrain.jpg'>
  4. http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images9/yanoverb.JPG'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images3/meatverb.JPG'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images/Verb01.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images2/meat%20verb2.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images2/verb01.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images12/meatwest.JPG'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images8/meatverb.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/crews/Meatverb.jpg'>
  5. http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images10/images10/moet.JPG'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images10/images10/odib.JPG'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images10/images10/wownvbig.JPG'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images7/evol.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images12/uniwest.JPG'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images9/verb2.JPG'>
  6. vizie a2m dts http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/othercats/viziegreens%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/othercats/vizieroll%5b1%5d.jpg'> weah http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/othercats/weah1%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/othercats/weah2%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/othercats/weah3%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/othercats/weahf%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/othercats/weahfff%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/othercats/weahladder%5b1%5d.jpg'>
  7. http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/nextdebtbubbles%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/nexttons2%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/nexttons%5b1%5d.jpg'> believe me there are way more of these. i have those on my computer. i'll post those up real real soon. here are other DTS cats and affiliates http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/othercats/biasweahroll%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/othercats/primeroad%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/othercats/seiko1%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/othercats/vizie1%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/othercats/vizie1roll%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/othercats/vizie2%5b1%5d.jpg'>
  8. IM FROM HTOWN AND THATS WHERE THESE CATS STARTED FROM IM BRINGIN THIS THREAD BACK... http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/DSC02642%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/nekst1124.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/nekst1%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/nekstiamwet%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/nekstne%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/nekstroll%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/nekstvizie1%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/next2%5b1%5d.jpg'> http://gator.dt.uh.edu/~brioo001/nekst/next5%5b1%5d.jpg'>
  9. magots vague BK over AI production.. 1 hour after AI left.. http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images11/other/mrgut.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images11/other/vague.jpg'> " that niggaz skull looks dope in my V" qoute Vague. after roller.. http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images11/other/vaguegutz.jpg'>
  10. yo beaner u brought me back some tacos? the good ones from EL PINGUINO? here is some more stuff coming up on the update. 200+ pix now and an interview.. http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images13/meato.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images13/coloro.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images13/skero.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images13/broko.jpg'>
  11. http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images13/jewaimsverb.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images13/jews.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images13/aims.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images13/verb.jpg'> more flix mo!!! im updating houstongraffiti.com finally. check it out on monday!!! interview and 100+ flix
  12. Cieto rite?... i got those.. dope stuff man..i sent mine as soon as i got urs.. dope stuff if it is you, if not then no i havn't recieved them yet...
  13. yo wassup MONA MY FREAKIN BAD< i know that i am takin long. but i don't have any freakin envolopes and stuff but here is a preview of what u gonna get.. http://www.houstongraffiti.com/wall/parkeoners.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/wall/flyboy.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/wall/parkfly.jpg'> i'll show u some more later but i will send em by mon..
  14. just to let ya'll know the next battle will have to deal with stuff like this... http://www.houstongraffiti.com/wall/blank/comaone.jpg'>
  15. hmmm.. i will post up another version.. see i didn't think this dude was gonna come out with freakin 3D!!!! some intense stuff. but even though i lost, i will post up some more serious stuff with that name. .i do have 3d also... i would like to see that ABORT one closer though, like way bigger.... it would give it more glory, and u could actually see more details.. as for the newbie remark pretty funny yo.. i put oner, cuz it identifies with who i am. not becuz of everyone else.... like everyone im pretty sure that u wouldn't like for me to call u a newbie.. or anything else.... im not caught up in many things, im straight benching.. and i flick like no other.. www.houstongraffiti.com, im not tryin to get in the game i was bored. and i couldn't find any flicks from abort to show me what i was up against. so i decided just to throw whatever.. i agree i shouldve taken it more seriously, next battles will definetly feel tension.. i'll post up some stuff im workin on.. just don't want ya'll to be left with that taste of crap i put up in ya'lls mouths.. you know what i mean.? i know that its too late now, and this isn't even colord. but i wanna show that i can do some better stuff than what i did b4.. im pissed at myself for slackin.. thats what school and work do to ya!>.. http://www.houstongraffiti.com/wall/blank/coma.jpg'> just add coloring and it will start lookin like this one... http://www.houstongraffiti.com/wall/blank/parkeun.jpg'> not finished. im so freakin lazy..
  16. EVOL AK... http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images/images2/evol04.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images/images2/evol06.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images/images2/evol07.jpg'> http://www.houstongraffiti.com/images/images2/evol08.jpg'> keep it up...
  17. http://www.classbrain.com/artholiday/uploads/tombstone.jpg'> RIP NANDO ONER> ha ha ha here ya go start votin everyone.. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00337776f00000011.jpg'> ABORT (WINNER) COUGH.... http://gator.uhd.edu/~brioo001/stickaz/coma.jpg'> EL NANDOER.. h aha h no chance... yo abort how long did it take u to do that? ima have to rock some serious sketches.. i'll post up my 3d,, stuff is crazy none the less. my 3D takes me more than 2 days.. pretty wierd man..
  18. cool beans abort.... take ur time im not posting anything else up ha ha... just kill mine now if u want..
  19. postin up my crap.. this was my first. im not good with m's or a's but who cares.. im ready to take my defeat. abort.. post up sucka.... http://gator.uhd.edu/~brioo001/stickaz/coma.jpg'>
  20. quote: If ARTICLE is there i most definately ain't goin -------------------------------------- who?..... naw just playin.. i've never talkd to the guy.. and this bench ha s to deal with AI.. see whats gonna happen...
  21. sorry to put up such sorry stuff on such a wonderful thread.... na mean!!! ha ha.... here ya go... ------------------------------------ http://gator.uhd.edu/~brioo001/stickaz/spoke.jpg'> spoke ------------------------------------- http://gator.uhd.edu/~brioo001/stickaz/sevro1.jpg'> http://gator.uhd.edu/~brioo001/stickaz/sevro2.jpg'> sevro -------------------------------------- http://gator.uhd.edu/~brioo001/stickaz/vagueoneline.jpg'> vague with tha crazy onelina.... ima add more later
  22. writerz bench writerz bench... email me....
  23. COMA SOUNDS GOOD FULL COLOR NO STIPULATIONS.. so lets post it when we can... im not down with the whole posting seperate days.. so i think that we have to post the same day cuz i don't want to be tempted to tear up my paper and do another after i've seen urs.... u know what i mean? but whatever goes man.. i'll have mine up in about 2-3 days or less. yea thats rite i have nothing else to do.... ha ha ha peace...
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