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  1. KILLRATWINGS @YAHOO.COM Authoritykills < AOLIM SN IM me for my address, show me yours and ill show you mine. Ratwingsbfclolmfc
  2. KILLRATWINGS @YAHOO.COM Authoritykills < AOLIM SN IM me for my address, show me yours and ill show you mine. Ratwingsbfclolmfc
  3. RATWINGS IS BACK. Authoritykills is my AIM sn. Talk to me.
  4. I dont know what kinda plastic you guys use, but that silver mop i made never melted. IS OMEGA INK ANY GOOD AT ALL? otb h2b is garbage. allllll otr, montana and so forth ink is GARBAGE. but the markers themselves are great. the otrh2b is called hard 2 buff because you cant scratch it off with your nail, and its waterproof. Ive seen it leave a tiny tiny tiny little stain on plastic... the only thing i like about it is it looks really good and flows so wonderfully.
  5. he got this one too. http://www.stickernation.net/images/photos/big_6287134834.jpg'>
  6. AHHA WOW. The guy who uploaded the pigeon to stickernation also managed to find one of my older stickers http://www.stickernation.net/images/photos/big_11040134854.jpg'> I cant believe it. That sticker is in a radically different location than the pigeon.
  7. oh shit!! FAME ;) that sticker was put up on march 20th. Along with a good few hundred others. Who put that one up? Oh, and I will have some flickaroos from march 20th prlly tonight
  8. http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00354518f00000026.jpg i saw this yesterday
  9. Unfortunatley Mr. Chumbawumba is experiencing technical problems with posting on topics so he asked me to post the pictures of his deodorant mop. : then put these links : http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00418490f00000007.jpg : http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00418490f00000008.jpg
  10. Magnums are garbage. If you take 6 sharpies and rubber band them together, you have a writing tool better than a magnum. Krylon shortcuts paint comes that way.
  11. I i wish i still had the sticker i had him write on. http://img9.photobucket.com/albums/v27/Ratwings/stay_high_149.jpg'>
  12. get krylon shortcuts white. not the spraycans...the one oz bottles. or thin out white paint.
  13. AHAAHA WHy write? you know ZIP? he is still as toy as ever. everything else i pretty sick.
  14. Rubbalicious!! i hope you know i was jsut klidding about being mad or whatever. Which window chalk markers are you using? I might try the face paint markers because theyre EXACTLY the same but the nib is smaller by a tiny bit. gotta love the drip control on the merkers ehh?
  15. RUBBISH HEAP: I picked up a RoseArt window chalker at the dollar store the other day, cleaned it out and filled it up with straight Garvey today. This shit is great - the nib looks alot more durable than Kiwis, they're a smaller line (in my opinion Kiwi's are a little fat), easy to refill, and they drip perfectly - not so much that your tag is illegible (usually what happens when I use a Kiwi), and not so little that it's hardly noticable. I think I found a new favorite mop __ YOU SON OF A BITCH!!! I told you about that PAGES ago. AND YOU FOOLS. YOU FOOOL!!! YOU OVER LOOKED. I KNOW WHATI AM DOING DOGS!!. I KNOW......:crazy: :crazy: :D :king:
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