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  1. does any body know where i can rack paint from chiacgo???or somewhere close to chicago???cuz its hard to find paint here cuz its illegal and i cant go that far i because im 14 and i have to take the bus someone help me out with some easy stores and addresses thanxxx


    Please die....

  2. Bump cuz this is a reely important topic.I was lucky to have a cousin whos a painter so I knew all about the damage fumes could do from the start so kids go to ur local hardware store and rack a mask (buying is for pussies). And as far as gloves go thats jus a no brainer...The best place to get them if your still in school is after the final bell rings go to one of the janitors closets(they'll all be open after school) and jus gank one of the big boxes of gloves, most likely they'll have the 100 packs layin around..Then your all set to reck shit safely...Have fun

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