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  1. Douchebag, do you know how to read? He clicked the wrong button it was sposed to be a reply....Stick to your night "tagging" :lol:
  2. They dont shoot at the cops or beat people into comas to prove how "thug" they are, they do it to get away...........retard
  3. Ja, easily eclipses Mode2 in their seperate fields.......and oh yea....DIE :cool:
  4. So basically you prefer legal walls because they look better and because the persons not riskin anything for em then you have the balls to knock those out riskin all they have for somethin they love? Fuck you......douche
  5. Ja pieces? Yeh.....good luck :lol:
  6. Only sane died, Smith continued on painting and ended up marrying Lady Pink
  7. I said this in another thread but apparently it needs to be said again....Someone who sits at a legal wall for 4 hours wit the case of Belton their mommy bought them is an artist, real writers are out walkin blocks catchin scripts and crack fills
  8. Speak for yourself young'n, out hea all the writers are dirty old men who get bagged on purpose so we can touch all those yummy young cadets :lick:
  9. Again, the two have no correlation. By your reasoning any lil gurl wit nice handwriting could spray it on a wall nicely
  10. You're a fucking idiot.......theres a huge difference betwen an artist and a writer. An artist sits at a legal wall for 4 hours wit the case of Belton his mommy bought him while a writers out catchin crack fills on main roads.....come now kids be serious
  11. You're a fuckin retard.........some people choose to not do pieces (such as myself) because it's not wat we want....I could easily go out and rock a bunch of shitty lookin shapes wit 80 colors and call it a piece but I'm down for wreck, plain and simple and plenty of people feel the same way....Now go kill yourself, toy
  12. Blowtorch handies...nigga waaat
  13. I hope you flicked before you washed...But yeh, I respect Ja more then any other writer in history. This guys sacrificed more to get up and stay up then most of us can even imagine.for that he gets much props from me.
  14. J.Lo Beyonce Ashanti Jessia Alba Salma Hayek.... nuff said
  15. I Wish It Would Rain by The Temptations is the saddest song I've ever heard And for bombin, a fight, or b-ball I always listen to that Llyod Banks, Eminem, 50 Cent song....I cant believe I forgot the name of it...
  16. Thanx a lot..that shit been bothering me for a long time
  17. Im sorry but I dont believe for a half a second that Kobe, a rich, famous, black man whos most likely hung like a horse, has to force himself on any small town white girl working at a hotel...I just wanna know why he would even want the bitch...Have you see his wife? o.O Its like when Hugh Grant cheated on Elizabeth Hurley wit the black hooker...fuckin celebrities.... GO LAKERS
  18. This has to be one of the funniest things I've ever read in my whole life...my parents think I'm retarded just sittin here laughin. :lol: :lol: :lol: And for the camp onawana thing i cannot ever remember wat the name of that fuckin show was... :confused: that and the dude ranch one..nick used to be the shit
  19. No letter suks? Come on man....x...
  20. Perhaps in your mind it was slightly humorous but dont disrepsetc dondi or any true kings like dat...especially a dead 1 R.I.P. Dondi White
  21. Go bombin or go home please....if you like piecing then cool thats good for you but jesus christ these kids come out these days and try and bust 3-d pieces their first week and then dont bother developing a handy or throwie until they're alredy the biggest toys around town....
  22. You fuckin hypocritical piece of shit...you preach about researching on you own when you come on here askin every question that popped into that little toybox you call a brain...Whats a hollow? LMFAO, go kill yourself and every1 who looks like you
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