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  1. You really do need to sober up...you're just talkin reckless at this point WHODIE WHOOOOOOOOO
  2. WHODIE WHOOOOOOOOO If she ain't your cousin it's not worth your time
  3. Oh, that was delicous...later folks
  4. Bumpin this thread cuz I've been up all night and I'm currently waitin for mi madre to bring me a McGriddle before I sleep the day away
  5. And this kid should die....not only are you a homo, but if you've never puked than you've never really drank. Even if you never puke, eventually you will...I've thrown up once in the last maybe 6 or 7 years, and it was from drinkin too much. Apparently way too much, since I was puking blood after awhile
  6. Every post on this page except for 3 has been me or Deto...perhaps we have a little too much time on our hands haha. Anyways, I'm hittin the sheets...night team
  7. At first I just stayed home mopin cuz my girl was bein a bitch, then I went out, ate pizza, and punched some kid in the face. Didn't turn out too bad
  8. I'd kill a neighbor's baby Not their dog though, that's fucked
  9. I've never fucked over anyone in my crew, cuz those are the only people I care about anyways...but I did put a semi close friend (like we played basketball a few times a week) into therapy when he found out his girlfriend of 3 years was toppin me off
  10. "You don't need that muthafucka, there's plenty of way better guys out there...you want me to come by?"
  11. AlwaysBombin


    Some good ones, some shit...whatever
  12. Kids never actually done anythin to me, only spoken to him once, but I know what guy "best friends" do. Shit, I've been that guy mad times
  13. Ay, yo, whoa...definately not like that. Trust when I say I keep mine, it's just I can't fuckin stand him
  14. My girl is out with her douchebag guy bestfriend right now, and my plans fell through so all I'm doin is sittin plottin his death. Fuckin faggot Not a handsome night
  15. Once thought I found an o of herb...turned out to be the guts from a blunt wrap...that was quite the let down
  16. I have 2 really hot cousins I'd like to fuck, but I wouldn't Cuz, ya know..we're cousins See where I'm goin with this?
  17. Alure and fatalist for hottest 12oz chicks...either one could have my child if they so desired
  18. Will this new super thread involve incest? I don't wanna be on any threads that don't have kissin cousins, yahmean?
  19. If you wanna marry homeboy then you need to 1) slow down and spend some time with him outside of Myspace before anything and 2) change your name to Sally May or something along those lines
  20. Almost on page 3? What the fuck is goin on here...is everyone havin a very unhandsome day or somethin? BUMP
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