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  1. root


    You're trying to be cool and it's just not working. Tell your mom that I said it's ok for you to go out on weekdays.:lol:
  2. Guess Jeans different gray shirt Tommy socks... they're better somehow I know they are... lighter, id, mean streak, six flags stub.
  3. root


    Popgun is cool. His emo kills on superman & batman.
  4. Right now: -puma socks -gap jeans -gray generic pocketless tshirt -fucked up hair in my pockets: -keys -lighter (for tobacco) -ID -mean streak
  5. root

    ipod appreciation thread

    You ever get tired of listening to music though?
  6. root

    guess who's back....

    Welcome back.
  7. root

    ipod appreciation thread

    Are you using the carrying case with belt clip right now?
  8. root

    celebrity status?

  9. root

    Woman Found Guilty in 'Windshield' Case

    That happened pretty close to where I live. She got her friend that *just* got out of prison to help her get the body out of the windshield. That's a messed up situation to put someone in that's trying to keep their life clean. I was watching the guy being questioned yesterday on the news. He said he apologized to the man as they wrapped him in a blanket.
  10. root

    Pope: 1, Hackers: 0

    Who would have guessed that the Pope has some badass online bodyguards? The Vatican has revealed it has taken on a team of experts to protect the Pope's website which is attacked by some 10,000 viruses a month and at least 30 mainly American hackers every day. "Fortunately, up to now no-one has managed to penetrate the Pope's site thanks to a highly efficient team of specialists charged with anti-virus protection who have always managed to block hackers' emails," said Archbishop Claudio Celli, secretary for the administration of the Holy See's heritage. I don't really think that Archbishop Celli has a clue what he's talking about, but you get the picture.
  11. root


    http://www.12ozprophet.com/icons/sphere2.gif'> I give you, the red ball.
  12. root

    all tomorrow's parties...

  13. root

    Don't argue with ME.

    No questions please.
  14. root

    Don't argue with ME.

    Sexy69Grl: so yea.. where you live is kinda boring Sexy69Grl: ive been there before Sexy69Grl: nothing too special R00T: yeah... well I live here. Sexy69Grl: do you like it? R00T: of course I hate it. R00T: and I hate you. Sexy69Grl: move to where I live! Sexy69Grl: ..that's not nice R00T: no fuck htat. R00T: ;akne;aln R00T: well, I'm just not a nice person am I. Sexy69Grl: no, youre a nice person im sure R00T: I am not. R00T: trust me. R00T: ask my "friends" Sexy69Grl: you are R00T: they'll tell you. Sexy69Grl: shut up ...you're nice..now deal with it fucker R00T: everyone admits I'm an asshole. R00T: NOW ADMIT IT! Sexy69Grl: fuck yoU!!! you're nice! R00T: NO FUCK THAT!! R00T: god damnit. Sexy69Grl: fuck all that bullshit man!!!! you're a nice person!