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  1. what? daze shut up muscle cars are sweeter than that matchbox bullshit your talking
  2. >samer<

    andre nickatina

    what about eminem and fity cent
  3. well i mean if it wasnt for photography you wouldnt have anything to bite off of daze...so get into it
  4. >samer<

    andre nickatina

    has anyone ever heard of choking victim .....they most deff
  5. shut up...fuck everything.....fuck thinking fuck the world fuck everything....fuck you up the punks
  6. >samer<

    andre nickatina

    and now everone is...like were not talking about dre but we are...get it?
  7. yeah that is sweet...i like the clouds also
  8. >samer<

    andre nickatina

    this is channel zero....im here because i feel like being an idiot fo an hour or two
  9. >samer<

    andre nickatina

    ahh were forgetting westside connection
  10. at first though..i was like wow this guys smart ..but then...i was like ohh hes not because he posted all this in cahnnel zero...no one in here is going to read that
  11. says to krook...damn how many times you gonna get banned before the mods figure out your not going to keep coming back..and says to noum...look im really sorry for the bullshit post about trying to boss you around and demanding drinks...could i please have a shot or two ...possibly a cobra?
  12. im not starting shit...but im saying that its not amors responsobility to post fliks on 12oz...and he shouldnt this thread is like the scene in cleveland..and it should die then be rebuilt... fissting anal keeping it tight...thanks syke hey dize hit my mail...
  13. :on his knees pleading with noum:....ohh come on please i didnt mean it i want the hard shit paleaseeee...:now crying:i guess ill just have to post alot like krook
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