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  1. Dekoy Asic Snafu Reser Suite ETC..Dope!
  2. hufrok

    RIP Dephek

    Probably never heard of him....but his shit is up all over.....http://vandalsquad.com/result.asp?artist=dephek check it out...RIP Dephek....:( EVEN
  3. http://www.verasun.com/photos/jan_04/rail_car.jpg I've been seeing these for a while now, I really dig these, The company is an ethanol energy plant. I was wondering if anyone else has spotted these and where at? I'm sure they were on a line headed to Minneap. but from there i'm not sure if they stay on with bnsf to chicago or with cp out to the northwest? anyone have a clue? thanks.
  4. hufrok


    i'm REALLY digging that glue cat, styles and props for that funky non trend jocking stuff, nice post. stfu 04 muther lovers.
  5. for sure, lola it is, my step mother was filipino, well i mean she still is, err... well she's not my step-mom anymore... but she's a nurse and her sister is living with her in the states, all day long they call back home and talk the native tongue, and ignore my little brothers and she works nd goes to school and doesn't care about anyone but herself, beleive me, fuck her. glad she got the boot some years ago.
  6. is the new one ready for download or what
  7. yeah, i don't know either, i think hecz comes off as a cool dude, but style-wise i just can't get down, i think the nut hugging by toys makes you seem a little less tolerable, if you can see where i'm coming from, i mean one writer to another, there's plenty of decent talent on this board, but when someone comes with a nice 3d, but you personally don't like it, and you see all these know nothing toys hopping your dick like you're the only person to ever have that "unique" style, you can probably see where the hatred comes from, just cause i don't like hecz shit dont mean it's whack, feel me? keep it up hecz, dorkeveryone. newjack 12oz paper chase only writers get the boot. you dig?
  8. http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/wag_105811_129_5214.jpg'>
  9. hufrok


    Re: Re: SE7EN you're both being idiots, hahhah but i can't get over this post, respect? learned it the hard way? motherfucker you've posted 10 replies to a pointless thread on the first page at least, quit kidding yourself and get another fucking hobby, get off the internet already.
  10. hufrok


    yeah no doubt haha. i have this japanese girl in my spanish class, we decided that when a person switches from english to spanish to japanese in one sentence that it is to be known as: japanainglish
  11. funky stuff treat http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/wag_115701_126_1456.jpg'>
  12. better put them into a list and pick one.
  13. http://img11.photobucket.com/albums/v34/th...es/9fb00b48.jpg who the hell are you to talk on anyone's style, you just another kid sitting here critisizing everyone else's "paper chase" blackbook flicks. come at me with something painted half-way decent or all you will have won is the "talking the most junk on12oz" award.
  14. i dont quite understand what you mean when you say i'm biting defy. if its because of the name, i was unaware of any said defy until recently. if it's because of the style , do something about it, i'll also stop doing outlines, 3d and shines as well, but only if it makes you happy. i'm sure if defy has a problem with anything going on he'll be level headed enough to shoot me an email or say something through here, if you are defy however, it's bothersome you choose to call me out using all caps and referring to yourself in the third person. creep. where's the coming down off a high and feeling like suicide smiley :(
  15. http://www.vandalsquad.com/graffiti/wag_53513_125_6528.jpg'>
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