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  1. anytime i drink more than 5 beers i am hungover, anytime i get drunk and smoke pot - I'm hungover for nearly two days, lately i've become to actually monitor my drinking knowing it won't be worth it tommorrow, I feel like at the age i'm at thats a big step, I'm too young to be thinking that way. For two years though, my hangovers weren't shit compared to now, smoking a pack has a lot to do with it too
  2. i feel too bad for the kid, poor bastard is on TV and doesn't even know it, and has people like me criticizing his/her mother. I've felt its obvious she's doing this for publicity, to be cool again. Apparantley now its cool to be married, thats just scary. Everything is getting so dirty by this, celebrity marraiges are now a staple of pop culture. I guarantee you Britney Spears is looking to one up this whole idea, and in the worst way by bringing a child into the world. Can you really get more fucked up than this, have a kid to be on top again. I've felt this is more wrong than anyone can rea
  3. Rustoleum, and its secondary brands (American Accents, Painters Touch, even Americas Finest to an extent) is great paint, and nearly equal, if not equal to european paint. Rustoleum is the only parent brand i have 100 percent faith in, great paint and great colors. There are a few Krylon (and Valspar) colors that are OK, I've noticed a change and i am by no means an old writer. As far as a European asking the question, there are all sorts of American off brands that can really hit the spot, but involve a lot of looking for to find. I've noticed that some real dope colors that are provided by "
  4. I had just previously been watching the history channel, and over the last few hours, i have slowly taught myself to count cards somewhat accurately. I am curious, if anyone knows blackjack rules? Question 1. If a player has a lower card than sixteen, and the dealer has sixteen, does the dealer have to hit? (Given the player decides to stay at the lower card) *also given a Las Vegas dealer has to hit at Sixteen or lower. Question 2: If the dealer has an Ace, can this count as a one or eleven for the dealer? *Also given the dealer is using professional rules
  5. stylus1


    Woah, mr. stoe and repae
  6. stylus1


    some nice stuff in there, goner, seiz, aest, expert, etc. etc.
  7. I should have never started this thread, but i was curious what people would have to say about it. I prolly had enough to push out 5 pages when i first posted, but whatever. I just finished reading that book, anyone who is interested in this type of shit buy it. Quite possibly the most sane insane things i've ever read. Not trusting for a second that this guy got as fucked as he feels he did, if he's as nuts as some people think he looks, he's damn good at making himself look level headed.
  8. I've got a paper due tommorrow in a Human Resource Development class, we need to write about a leader failing or successful, and what made them a leader, and what made them a failure or a success. Instead of going the cliche route of a paper on Adolf Hitler (I'm expecting there will be at least three) or JFK, I went ahead and chose the odd route of Charles Manson. Honestly, I didn't know a fucking thing about this dude, really, except for the fact that he had "followers" (golden example for this paper of leadership) and he had enough power over those followers to have them kill people with him
  9. cuez, envy, and rei rocking those reefers
  10. i hear that, i've been chasing for way to long, had something that i didn't know i actually could have, spend a ton of time trying to build it back, advice anyone?
  11. don't sell drugs, its a downward spiral, damn i can't imagine how tough this must be, put your gameface on and deal with this problem in every way you can that is right, eventually, one day, you will be back on top again, i wish i could think of something solid to tell you, i'm in no place to though, i haven't lived through something like that people go up and down, one day you will be back on top again, just do what you can and give it your all
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